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The Upset that Almost Happened-Playoff Predictions
January 1, 2008, 3:50 pm
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I am a three days late with this but I am proud of the New York Giants’ fight against the New England Patriots. I go to school in Boston, and I get a lot of shit of being a Giants fan. I boldly stated that the Patriots will go into the season finale 15-0 and lose to the Giants. That was back in October and it almost happpened. The playoffs lie in the arm and brains of Eli Manning. When he plays well, the Giants can easily be the best team in the NFC and when Eli plays like Eli, well…I don’t know. The Giants had the best makeup to beat the Patriots, strong aggressive front 7 and big running backs. I don’t know why we ran away from it in the second half but somehow I felt the change in momentum in the 3rd quarter coming. Whatevs so here is my Playoff Predictions:

Giants over the Bucs
Redskins over the Seahawks

Chargers over the Titans
Jaguars over the Steelers

Second Round:
Giants over Green Bay
Cowboys over Redskins

Colts over the Chargers
Patriots over the Jaguars

Conference Final:
Giants over the Cowboys
Patriots over the Colts

Giants over the Patriots

come on you really think I was going to root against the Giants??? haha…well give me an unbias bracket because I can’t since the Giants are in it.


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football and stuff. football footballllllll.

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