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Top-Ten Things I Digged about 2007
January 1, 2008, 6:11 am
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Another year is over, and here are 10 things that I really liked about 2007.

10. The Apatow Clan

Everything these days are big budget, green screen, and elaborate sets. But Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow brought back a very traditional method of comedy…. good jokes. Knocked Up and Superbad not only permeated through the eyes of viewers but into the depths of pop culture.

9. J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter
Yes I read Harry Potter. All seven books and I am a big fan of J.K. Rowling’s written fantasy. But what makes me dig her is the culture she has created. We live in a media driven society where young people spend most of their free time playing video games, on the internet, and watching MTV. But whenever the next Harry Potter book came out kids of all ages dropped everything to get a 1000 page book. Getting people excited to read is a feat that is as amazing as near impossible. And every time I think about it it never fails to leave me incredulous.

8. Barry Bonds gets Busted
OK, I know he wasn’t the only one that was exposed as a cheat. But just the arrogance at which he carried himself not only about himself but the records he broke. Hank Aaron’s 755 is not only a baseball statistic, it transcends sports into issues of race, humility, and class. Barry Bonds does not represent that. Yes Barry you are not the only one who cheated, but you are in the position of breaking hallowed ground. I vote for the fattest asterisk Major League Baseball can find and cement it next to his name.

7. Korea’s Developement
I take extreme pride in the fact that my parents immigrated here to the United States to live a better life. The irony now, is the economic and social development of South Korea has surpassed anyone’s expectations. In early January Ban Ki-Moon became the new Secretary General of the U.N. There is a effort to stop foreign adoption because the country is no longer is a ‘developing country’. South Korea won the bid to host the 2014 Asian Games. The Free Trade Agreement was a great success in Korean trade diplomacy between Washington and Seoul. Things done change, and quick.

6. Al Gore Winning the Nobel Peace Prize
With all the troubles of the world, death, and destruction its important to realize if we don’t take care of the environment we wont have a place to kill each other. The Nobel Prize winner said it best when he stated: “The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton. We have to ask ourselves what is going on here?”

5.Hip Hop is NOT Dead
I cant remember a better year for Hip Hop in my short lifetime. With legends such as Common, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, Ghostface, Little Brother, ad Scarface releasing solid albums. Newcomers like Lupe Fiasco and Saigon making their mark on the industry. Underground rap rearing its talented voice with my album of the year Blu & ExileBelow the Heavens’ and the always solid Blue Scholar’s ‘Bayani’ all coming out of the West Coast this year. And you know the South still producing all the anthems for the seasons and hits for the charts. Not to mention solid efforts by veterans, Kanye West, Fabolous, Beanie Sigel and Freeway all with solid LPs.

4. The Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team.
Its sad that a certain asshole Disc Jockey overshadowed the fact that this team had an amazing Cinderella run in basketball terms. They upset Duke then LSU to advance to the Championship game before losing to the more talented Lady Vols. This story is enough to make it on the list but then these ladies demonstrated incredible class, poise, and intelligence in the way they handled themselves in the whole Don Imus situation. Not only did they sincerely accept a rather unsincere apology from Imus but they exemplified the polar opposite of the very definition of what a ‘nappy headed hoe’ is. Cheers ladies.

3. Golden State Warriors
Million dollar athletes diving for loose balls, running breathlessly up and down the court to viciously dunk it, and when they dont they launch 3 pointers. Just the way basketball should be played. With guys you cant help but root for, the ferocious Baron Davis leading the team, the unfairly stereotyped Stephen Jackson, the underdog Matt Barnes, and the hustling Monta Ellis. Not only the fact that upset the Mavericks to make NBA history, but just the way their arena explodes with every momentum swing their way. Just the hard nose way they play reminds me of the Knicks from the 90s with the tough point guard in Ward and Childs, the undersized front court players in Oakley and Johnson and the way the Garden would erupt during games, win or lose. SIGH*… i miss those days… anyway Golden State Warriors are probably the most fun team to watch. Last year and this year to come.

2. College Football Upsets
In an ironic twist I am a huge Michigan Fan. So the fact my season was over after the first game when they became the first Division-1 team to lose to a Division -II team in NCAA history, had a bittersweet taste as it was a prelude to the crazy season that would follow.

Stanford 24, No. 2 USC 23
They were 40 point underdogs. Not that fact alone but the dramatic fashion in which they won on a game winning fade to the front corner of the endzone. Did I mention they were 40 point underdogs?

Pittsburgh 13, No. 2 West Virginia 9
If West Virgina wins they play for the National Championship. But in this unexpected year Pat White goes down with injury and so does the their championship aspirations.

Colorado 27, No. 3 Oklahoma 24
Boise State was down by 3 scores in the second half. But they overcame that ad beat a more talented team with a last second field goal. Oh wait… did I say Boise State??? I meant Colorado… silly me, what made me think of Boise State in a game where Oklahoma was upset???

Syracuse 38, No. 18 Louisville 35
Syracuse — a 36 1/2-point underdog — ended Louisville’s 20-game home-winning streak and completely exposed the horrendous defense that would haunt the Cardinals all season long. This astonishing triumph ended up being one of two wins for the ’07 Orange.

Arkansas 50, No. 1 LSU 48
Following a heart-breaking, triple-overtime loss to Kentucky, LSU rolled off four straight wins to reclaim the No. 1 spot. Then it ran into Darren McFadden. This game almost cost them a chance to play for the Championship.

Illinois 28, No. 1 Ohio State 21
The top-ranked Buckeyes simply had no answer for Illinois QB Juice Williams. Williams — who had struggled for much of the season prior to this game — made big play after big play, burning Ohio State for four touchdown passes and 70 yards rushing.

1.Tony Dungy Wins a Superbowl
There was probably nothing more satisfying this year than watching that man be carried on the shoulders of his players to lift up the Lombardi Trophy. With the tragic event of his son’s suicide still fresh on all our minds; the First black coach to win a Superbowl; his exemplary leadership and poise that permeates through all this players; and the fact he turned the worst franchise in NFL history in the Tampa Bay Bucs to only watch John Gruden win a Superbowl with HIS players; and finally the fact that he turned the Colts from a “finesse team” into a smashmouth team, on both offense and defense. A man that has every right to be revered in every aspect of the sport and life.


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