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Intel quits One Laptop Per Child
January 7, 2008, 1:36 am
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I wont get into the absolute stupidity of this program. And if anyone has seen the commercial for this program with that dumbass Korean from ‘Heroes’ , with him saying ‘help a child… buy them a laptop…’ (well im paraphrasing), its hard not to laugh at this program.

Hey, I have a idea in all seriousness; how about one toilet per child?

In Kumasi, Ghana, a country which privatized public toilets in the 1990s, private toilet use once a day for a family costs 10% of the basic wage.

In Kenyan slums such as Mathare it costs 6 cents (US) for every visit to a privatized toilet: this is too expensive for most poor people, who prefer to defecate in the open and spend their money on water or food.

Source:World Health Organization

Read the full article on Intel’s failed program here


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word son wtf!

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