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Watching It like It was the Superbowl
January 8, 2008, 12:56 am
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Election season is underway. I been watching it like it was the Superbow. American Politics interest me in the wrong way, not the issues, but the numbers. It is a sports race to me. So much has happened in the past week, Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee both won Iowa, both a surpise. There are a few things that I am weary of…

1) Anyone out there know where exactly each candidate stand on issues?
2) Anyone out there know what the issues are?
3) Hiliary Clinton cried, is it passion or just breaking down because she is trailing?
4) Will Barack Obama be assignated if he gets elected because after all, we are not advance of a country when it comes to race.
5) Can you really imagine yourself saying “President Huckabee?”
6) Is Ron Paul really the worth the hype? and come on, he’s not going to win. So people give it up.
7) I think John Edwards is going to be the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic party no matter what happens.
8) anyone care whats going on with the Republican Party?
9) Aren’t all the candidates hypocrites by attacking each other?

With that said, “a nation under God, indivisible” well the political parties are divided, let alone the country and no knows whats going to happen when the race is down to two? Well stay tune, for the primary tomorrow.


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i’d probably vote democrat anyway. i don’t really know what each candidate stands for, but it all sounds to me like the same shit, even if its not.

Comment by louie

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