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Got Sexy Back
January 10, 2008, 2:26 am
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So, I finally brought Sexy back, as in my camera. I had left it at Stony Brook but now i got it back. Some interesting things happened so if you can make it to the end of this entry i applaud you.

I was walking to the LIRR station, and my bro Jose was like “Yo that’s a dead squirrel nigga, take a pictue of that shit.” And so I did.

2 and half hours later I have arrived back in
the ‘hood, and I headed to work and I got stuck with these shitlings

After work went to see England’s Number
1 artist at the moment. Thats right Kate Nash bitches, she was pretty good live, then i obtained her single,foundations, in an undisclosed way, but yea shes pretty good.

Then walked with the crew down to the village did the most dangerous thing a person could do without big black men around, WALK THROUGH WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK AFTER DARK. luckly we made it thru alive, or else i wouldnt be making this entry. We went looking for a flask cause everyone needs to have one nowadays.

And here is my money shot of the day. Louies foot gives it a cool look. Shout outs to my homies, stay cool. Till next time peace out from your friendly neighbor hood Golden Nigz Rong.


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I like the last two shots.. artistic. but the dead squirrel is disturbing =(

Comment by Aura

shitlings puahhaa

Comment by lucy

yeah the dead squirrel mek me so sed mang

Comment by louie

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