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A New York City Story
January 11, 2008, 2:05 am
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Before I begin my New York City Story, here is a photo which will lead me onto the rest of my story. I was walking down Lafeyette when I saw this. Parents are just treating their kids like their pets, like wtf, what happened to loving and caring for your child and teaching them the right thing.

I was with a different group of kids today at work, and I was told i was working with a child who called the po-po on his grandpa because he was being mean, wtf is that shit man. So I was told not to be authoratative because he might call the po on me. Fucking little shitling, the whole time I’m thinking how the hell does his parents teach him, cause obviously this kid is just doing whatever the fuck he wants because no one has taught him correctly. Ok yea alright so, here comes the story.

I’m on the F train Queens bound with my co-worker the llama. We were talking sharing our thoughts on our day at work and such. I was seated against the wall, so to the right of me was the train doors. The F train goes through some of the richest and some of the poorest neighborhoods of New York City. One of the poorest being the neighborhood of Queensbridge, home of Nas and many of the poor inner city youth who have to do horrible things to survive and try to make it “Big”. Sitting perpendicular to me was a middle-aged African Amerian male who looked like he had a long day at work and just wanted to enjoy his tunes on his mp3 player. The F train stopped at 21 Street Queensbridge, the train was stalling because the dispatcher had given a red signal. There were 2 African American children walking on the platform, they peeked in and saw the male sitting perpendicular to me walked in and grabbed his head phones along with his mp3 player and started running. Then all of sudden the entire train started talking about what had happened. Then I thought to myself what a bunch of apathetic fuckers, including myself, I should’ve done something to stop these fucking shitlings from robbing another person. But I just sat there when I could’ve just tripped the kid or pushed him or something. The man chased after them. The train started moving
and the entire train was discussing it. I felt horrible. Then as I got off the train, I was moving towards an exit, and I saw the man who had been robbed sitting on the train. I feel horrible for not doing anything. But as they say anything happens in New York City, I guess that’s true except for others helping others.


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llama! 😀
that’s pretty gay i’ve never acutally seen shit like that happen haha

Comment by J00n00t


Comment by louie

=( poop

Comment by lucy

u neva kno, those dudes who stole the mp3 player could end up killing your uncle and then you have to use your spidy powers to avenge his death for the rest of your life..

Comment by fbgurunineteen

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