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January 20, 2008, 12:03 am
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So I am into that stage of my single hood, where i am like what the fuck, where are all the women? BAHHH! Haven’t been doing much with my life. Going to work, doing my thing, sleeping, dreaming about things i can’t have. you know the same ole’ same ole’. Ok so here’s a pretty cool story. (Well not cool on my part)

My friend he(or she, whichever he/she prefers) goes to art school, he meets this girl, who i guess say is an alright measures on the looks part, but nothing to call home to mom about. So lets say, this sexual gender ambiguous friend, decides to go to a big digital gathering at the Jacob Javitz center and invites my our two other good friends and partners in life, but I do not go. then the 2 1/2 of these chinamen tell this girl that i had never met before, lets call her “sam” so let’s say “sam” never met the golden nigz rong, and then my 2 1/2 chinamen go off and tell this “sam” somewhere along the lines that i rape and pillage on a horseback. “Sam” gets creeped out especially, when my sexual gender ambiguous friend, lets call him “Allen”, “Allen” then calls me and says “AN RONG THERE’S A HOT KOREAN GIRL HERE, AND SHES MY FRIEND AND I CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR NOT HERE!” and “sam” hears this. Then before i ever met this “Sam”, “allen” shows “Sam” the music video I Ran, the reproduction made by
3 1/2 Chinamen Productions

So then the first time i actually met this “Sam” she had already predetermined in her head that i was a freaking pervert.

Few weeks later, this girl comments on a photo of mine, and calls me pervert, i get offended, but being a gentleman i was like w.e. let her be.

Few more weeks pass, then she goes and does it again, calls me pervert. So i sent a very not nice message on facebook that may have had a racial slur. soo she sends a smiley face. I get more angry, eventually i decide if i want to set things straight, i should speak to her myself. I do so, and i explain everything i do not rape and pillage on a horseback.

Moral of the story is, bitches will be bitches, and i guess do not go to anything ur friends are all going to and their bringing a friend uve never met.

P.s. I bought a beanie from Paul Frank today, soo here is a photo dedication to Ariella


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u r a weirdo…

Comment by fbgurunineteen

…wtf was this entry about crack head

Comment by J00n00t

an rong just has trouble expressing his female woes

Comment by louie

I for one would like to meet this androgynous art student. He sounds like a total hottie.

Comment by A Wong

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