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Long Day
January 24, 2008, 1:11 am
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First off, I would like to say, R.I.P. my man Heath.

Alright, so I had a 9 A.M. driving lesson. I showed up early so I found a place that made a really good lemon tea with honey.
Walked towards the driving direction, saw this. I was like damn I have a knack for finding Dead animals. This one is more gruelsome, than my dead squirrell. This got blood and shit, someone hacked this rat, or something fucking bit it, maybe a hobo. Anyway, I finished my driving lesson, did good, SiFu was like gotta practice more and try to remember steps, going be drifitng in no time.

After my lesson headed towards Babies R’ Us up at Union Sqaure, as always I take the walk so i can save 2 dollars! As I walked up Lafeyette Street I started seeing all these satellite dishes, then I was yo they over at Heath’s, so I was like why can’t they leave him in peace. So as I walked by Broome Street where I use to party with Heath.

Fucking Media FUCKING FRENZIE, leave Heath alone, man, he was just not happy, it is hard, he just got divorced and lost his daughter in the settlement, and now you guys are just piling outside his pad. So I was taking this photo, and then the camera man on the left pointing, pointed at me, i thought i was in trouble and i was like fuck, hightailed outta there and went my way to go towards Union Square.

Along Lafyette they have this one block where its full of as you guesed IPOD ad’s wooo IPOD!!!

On my way to Union Square, i saw this shop called Pie i should try it out one day, but it was just the chairs outside, that were pretty cool. Yea soo then After i bought the baby shower gift, i sat round in Union Square park for a while, It was pretty, i also bought a photography magazine its pretty cool, it featured the top images of the year 2007 it was awesome. Went to work, fucking shitlings 5th graders man. Anyway, I’m watching this “The Moment of Truth” on Fox, and it’s pretty shitty, its just invading on people’s lives to give them money, I would totally go on that fucking show, they ask me something like “If you could cheat on your wife without getting caught would you?” HELL FUCKING YEA!!!!! man i’d be honest 500,000 dollars is bread. Anyway, till next time, my negros.


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it’s actually Mary Kate Olsen’s pad. and haha a hobo bit it..

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