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Last Friday Of Vacation
January 26, 2008, 5:24 am
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Today last day of work till Chinese New Year. So vacations coming to a close, bout to hit them books again, party hardy, and rock out with my cock out. Anyway, long day today, but it ended, and I’m sad to see it go, and mad that my Tham Tham rain checked on me, but i hope papa Tham is quite alright.

So heres a rant i had a couple of days ago, but never blogged it.

I was on an illegal van back to Queens, and theres this fucking Chigger talking on his sidekick LX was talking really loud. He was discussing how this bitch did this and that as if he were hot shit. I tried seeing if i could see his face and what this chigger looked like. I usually would just put on my headphones and listen to my music, but the driver had the best of Jacky Chueng on, and of course, when one of the heavenly kings is on i had to listen to it. But this chigger was ruining my listening to Jacky!!! Later on he gets a phone call from his mother, and hes like “wai? mut see a?” he was talking to her with no respect, man this woman carried u in her for 9 months and then popped u out of her vagina which is probably one of the most painful things i have witnessed!!! (Knocked Up) Then he’s back on the phone talking to some bitch about going to a party and shit. Asian parties, yes dancing is the female rubbing her ass on your crotch for a few songs, yes real dancing. So as people called out their stops, this chigger says “a sook, (his stop)” very fucking disrespectful. Wtf man what happened to manners didn’t this chiggers parents teach him. As I got off i took a look at this guy to see what he looked like, he grilled back at me, and i was like man u want to start shit come outside fuck ill beat your ass and steal your steeptech. fucking chigger, no manners whatsoever.

Anyway back to the news, heres a photo of one of my students who is in the boy scouts!
Yea, i call him big head boy, he’s a good kid though, gets on your nerves sometimes, but you know hes good at heart.

After work chilled around, was trying to be rushed by Hooters McGee, but just chilled, in the end she didn’t even chill gosh. But took some cool photos.

This is Louie’s Silhouette.

This is Untitled. But w.e. haha you can dl the full versions from my flickr.
Now time for a photo dedication for ISSY!!!


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Wheres my photo dedication bitch!?

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