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Still working on that thesis paper on “Chinese Calligraphy and its Relationship to Chinese Architecture”… and im starting to think I bit off way more than I can chew….

Reading a new book for Writing for Design class… its called “Nickel and Dime” by Barbara Ehrenreich. Its about this white lady (with a PhD) who attempts to experience the life of a working class individual by working “low class” jobs. I think the book is a total joke but whatever….

Discovered something new….
shit is BANGIN’
and of course Honey Bunches of Oats, no comment needed there.

Had some loose change and bought the 100th issue of XXL only because they had the Nas interview I wanted to read… it was ok. And the 100 greatest moments of hip-hop of course was pathetic. Just full of people stabbing and people dissing and people killing each other. Definitly was not worth the 4 bucks I spent on it. I was better off buying two more WaWa ice teas. At least the issue made me bang Illmatic for a good while.

Mets Fitted = We got Santana, we made him rich, and he will make us win. That’s how it works right?

Giants Fitted = Do I have to say it??? Lets just say on April 4th we will have the 32nd pick of the draft ya diggggg?

Right now (besides Illmatic) im listening to Asheru’s 2003 LP “Soon Come” it also features Blue Black. Asheru is an underground artist that is not your rapper’s rapper. He has a master’s degree and is also a teacher. He contributed to the Boondocks controversial episode “Return of the King” for which he won a Peabody Award the first rapper ever to do so. He’s a part of the group Unspoken Heard, and has smooth flow and sharp lyrics. Cant say I know much more about him, I just started listening to him a couple months ago. His product is fire, thats for sure and I have a couple of his other albums but havent gotten around to listening to them. Stay up.


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that’s the best cereal ever

Comment by louie

word asheru also raps the intro of boondocks

Comment by Golden Nigz Rong

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