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February 4, 2008, 5:01 pm
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Do you see that picture above you? Do you understand what that means? No no, beyond the obvious, beyond the superficiality of the moment, beyond the glory of the moment. That picture has so much meaning, both physically and metaphorically which the individuals that rode the bandwagon all the way to the Superbowl will not understand. So for those of you that bleed the red, white, and big blue (no im not talking about patriotism, yes pun intended to the fullest) here is what the meaning is.

Look at the Lombardi Trophy, what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see, I see fingerprints. You see them too right? But its the fingerprints of people that were not on the field. In fact there are fingerprints of a man that no longer works for the Giants. And his fingerprints are all over this win. He orchestrated this win. This is HIS win. He is the man who mortgaged our future who traded 2 first round picks, a second round pick, and a fourth round pick, to acquire a young, subdued, emotionless quarterback from Ole Miss. He also bared the criticism that came with every interception, every loss, every time the young quarterback refused to come up with a quotable. People said this young quarterback is not and will never be a leader of men. We had to watch A big armed quarterback from the same draft class win a Superbowl. We had to watch a brash and outspoken quarterback, from the same draft class and who we traded, go to the probowl. All this while our young quarterback get lambasted in the press.

But this man had a plan

He was criticized for drafting too many Defensive Ends. His predecessor, the legendary George Young, already drafted Michael Strahan. He then drafted an unproven talent from Troy University with a hard name to say. In fact, this young man with the difficult last name almost halted the trade talks when acquiring the young quarterback from Ole Miss because the Chargers wanted to include this talented Defensive End.

But this man had a plan

He then drafted another talented Defensive End from a horrible Notre Dame team. Why????? The Giants have needs, our Defensive Line is a strength why draft another one?

But this man had a plan.

Then in 2006 he drafted ANOTHER Defensive end, another young man with a hard name to pronounce from Boston College. You can never had enough pass rushers he said. Again more criticism came his way.

But this man had a plan.

Too protect that young quarterback from Ole Miss, he decided to feature an offensive line with a 5th round pick, two undrafted free agents, the coach’s son-in-law, and a player that the other team that plays in the same stadium deemed not worth to re-sign.

But this man had a plan

He signed a Middle Linebacker that was not invited to the Draft Combine because he was too small to play in the NFL. You mean you want him to carry on the legacy of the legendary Giant’s Linebacking that produced Harry Carson, Carl Banks, Lawrence Taylor, Sam Huff, and Jesse Armstead? Lunacy the critics said.

But this man had a plan

He signed a Wide Receiver that spent more time on the sidelines than on the field with attitude issues to boot. He will clash with the young unassuming quarterback the critics said. He will clash with Jeremey Shockey, the critics said. He will never stay healthy the critics said.

But this man had a plan

He signed two old men at cornerback. Their best days are behind them the critics said.

But this man had a plan.

Speaking of old men, he hired a man that would drive the players into the ground the critics said. After three seasons, “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!” the crtics yelled. No, this man gave the old coach an extension.

All because this man had a plan

Then this man had the audacity to retire! With question surrounding the young unassuming quarterback from Ole Miss, with the Defense he constructed getting blown away, with the players about to start a mutiny against the old coach, he gave the reigns over to a under qualified man in Jerry Reese, that had no General Manager experience.

But this man had a plan

Then this under qualified man that took over, then hired a Defensive Coordinator that ran a scheme that we did not have the personnel for. You mean you want to blitz and put Corey Webster, and those old men in single, man coverage? Are you crazy, that will never work the critics said.

But this under qualified man also had a plan

And as of today the plan came full circle.

That young unassuming quarterback named, Eli Manning, is now the unquestioned leader of this team, not to mention a Superbowl MVP.
Those Defensive Ends he drafted put Tom Brady on the ground all game long not to mention all the other quarterbacks in the NFL. What is most scary is that Mathias Kiwanuka did not even play in the Superbowl.
That undersized Middle Linebacker, named Antonio Peirce is now the unquestioned leader of our defense.
Corey Webster shut down Joey Galloway, Terrell Owens, Greg Jennings, and Randy Moss respectively this postseason.
Those Old men turned out to be still pretty good. Sam Madison played well all season and proved to be a great mentor. R.W. Mcquarters had 3 interceptions this postseason.
That under whelming Offensive Line protected Eli Manning all season long and is uquestionably now our strength on Offense. Even with the loss of Tiki Barber we still had the 4th best rushing game in the league.
That receiver, Plaxico Burress, lived up to his reputation as being injury prone. He was hurt all season. Oh yea, but he caught 13 touchdowns including the game-winner in the Superbowl. He also lived up to his brashness. He predicted the victory during Media Week. He also walked that walked.
And what of that under qualified Jerry Reese you ask?
Oh that Defensive coordinator is now the hottest assistant in the league.
Not to mention his draft class of 2007.

He drafted Aaron Ross who played incredibly all season, showing incredible ball skills and toughness against the run.
Steve Smith looks to be the next Amani Toomer for the next 10 years.
Kevin Boss filled the incredible big shoes that the injury to Jeremey Shockey left vacant.
Michael Johnson flew across the field making big hits filling in for James Butler.
Ahmad Bradshaw made people say Tiki who?

And we have Tom Coughlin. When he came to this team he preached discipline, special teams, and toughness. We went from breaking the team record for penalties (with 127 in 206) to breaking the team record for least (with 77 in 2007). He got Jeff Feagles, the best directional punter ever to play, not to retire. Whoever returned for the Giants had succes whether it was Willie Ponder, Ahmad Bradshaw, or Dominick Hixon. And if there is anyone who questions this teams toughness from first stringer to the 52nd man on the roster please stand up. Anyone? No? I didnt think so…

And there was a player Tom Coughlin refused to cut.
He played played Kickoff Coverage.

He played Punt Coverage.

He blocked on Kickoff

He played on Punt Block

But he did not make an impact on what his position listed him as on the depth chart: Wide Receiver. Well, David Tyree made an impact as a receiver on Superbowl Sunday.

That is why that is my favorite picture from the superbowl. The Lombardi trophy with all those fingerprints on it. Because as a true Giants fan, more than anything we have Ernie Accorsi to thank. Somewhere, someplace Mr. Accorsi is smiling. He could say “I told you so”, but he doesnt have to. He knew it would work all along. My favorite quote in hindsight is this, in an interview with the New York Times in March of 2006, when asked but his favorite deals and/or draft pick was:

“the Manning deal will turn out to be the best one because he is going to be a championship quarterback.”

He was the man with the plan
So let the bandwagon riders celebrate Michael Strahan riding off into the sunset.

Let the fair weather fans talk about Spagnuolo and his defensive schemes that stifled the vaunted Patriot Offense.

I’ll turn a deaf ear to uneducated die hards who say they believed in Eli Manning since the beginning.

Because the man that gave all these players and coaches a chance was Ernie Accorsi.

Ernie Accorsi, the man with the plan.


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bravo i love it this should be in a newspaper and i concur. i loved reading this lenghty but amazing and well written work.

Comment by Golden Nigz Rong

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