Pretending to Be…

View From my Table Top,
February 8, 2008, 2:23 am
Filed under: Pretending to be an Architect, Pretending to be an Artist

Nothing to do really, in terms of school work… and I absolutely love it. Couldn’t have come in a better time. My main nigga Long Wu and his lady friend is coming down to philly for the weekend, and im about to show them a good time. Plus on top of it football fam David the “illiterate Jamaican” and Jared Nesbit coming down too. Its going downnnnn…

but the thing on my mind is obsessions…
Everybody has obsessed over something. A girl. A guy. Sneakers. Food. Music. Whatever it was, you couldn’t stop thinking about it, could you? It totally consumed you. Eventually though, the obsession passed and you resumed your normal life. But imagine if you were still obsessed with whatever the thing was. For some, their obsession never leaves them and it takes over their entire lives. Like a castle being attacked by an army, they are constantly besieged by the thoughts of their obsessions (which is an apt visual, incidentally, since the original meaning of “obsess” was to “besiege”) They become completely possessed by whatever it is that they are obsessed with and, powerless before it, they give their lives over to it. Or is it just me???


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