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I’m Thinking About Her Again
February 10, 2008, 8:42 am
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Since I have come back to the city, I usually do a lot of photography in the city because I love this place.

I met up with my dear friend Jessica, and she told me she saw my Korean Love. My Korean Love is a beautiful girl I had fallen in love with the idea that I could love her. She’s beautiful, she laughs at everything i say, she knows how to make me smile, i can talk to her for hours, i can just picture myself being with her, holding hands and running around in daisies. However, she is currently with someone. I had made a new years resolution to get over her, but whenever i least expect it, she pops up in my head.

The times i had spent with her, it makes me feel like i’m in a Woody Allen movie, and our song is Embraceable You (Take A), that the Charlie Parker Quinitet performed. Now I have the song playing over and over again in my itunes because it reminds me of her, and the way her and i would just compliment each other perfectly. However, me and her being together is facing its problems. I guess it was never meant to be, this movie won’t end happy.


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lol i’m gonna knock you out

Comment by Helen

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