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Why am I so Angry?
February 11, 2008, 5:11 am
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Why am I so angry? Is it cause I’m frustrated with life, and how I’ve been dealt a full house of kings and another guy has a royal flush.

Well today started off well, I got a big sister now. After the ceremony of her asking me to be her little, and me saying “I Do,” I headed out to Chinatown to go wish my Grandfather a Happy New Year because I love him.

Confetti was all over Chinatown because of the celebration. People of all races were there, brown, yellow, white, black, everyone. As I was walking around trying to make my way to the Oriental Palace, I started to ponder on why there were white people here at such a celebration, didn’t they make the Chinese Exclusion act so that us Chinks, couldn’t spread this yellow fever and take all their jobs. Is it our fault, my ancestors wanted to work hard, and find a better living so that they can provide for their families. White folk did bring Opium to China and make us useless for many years. So why are you in Chinatown, celebrating a tradition with people you never wanted in “your country”? But its not fair to think of it like that because White folk now could not control what their ancestors did. As I was slowly finding my way to the middle of Mott Street, I saw Ms. Asian New York.

Then I started thinking about the way people view Asian sexuality. Nowadays everyone is catching Yellow Fever. Yellow fever as defines is, when a male of non asian decent gains an attraction to Asians of the opposite sex and in their efforts go forth and try to obtain an Asian female. Or as many of these non asian males say, they have an Asian Fetish. What the hell does that mean, Asian Fetish, does that mean Asian girls are like animals or something. You know why they freaking like you? Because they want to put their freaking penis’ in your tight little Asian Vagina. This may be a bias outlook so whatever, maybe because I am angry that I can’t find myself a girl. But yea, so Non asian males, you make fun of my culture, you make fun of how we speak, you go Ching-Chong mak a hai, or whatever u say, and then say i have a small penis, so that you can make yourself feel better and more secure of your own manhood. When i finally got to the restaurant, I was really angry at other races. Then something added more fire to my fuel. I saw a bunch of White folk eating Dim Sum. Alright I know White folk love to go and experiment with different taste and such. I have no problem with that you are supporting my struggling Asian community. However when you come to eat, will you please have some freaking decency. It’s Chinese New Year everything sound be happy and fun, and respectful. Your damn kids were playing with chopsticks. That is probably one of the most disrespectful things to do. The two kids were fighting over the chop sticks as if it were a toy or something. Then they dropped one into a glass of soda. That’s really disrespectful. If your going to be in our restaurants be respectful. Again i am being a hypocrite because us Chinese people have no manners, and we are freaking rude pieces of sugar honey ice tea. Anyway, so I am going home, to wait for my big sis to come and pick me up. That was cool, getting to call her big sis haha.

Conclusion come upon by An Rong, Man is his own worst enemy. We try to see the differences in all of us, instead of trying to understand that we should see our similarities. We make laws the ban this and that because we are afraid of it and we do not truely understand it. The reason we are at war is because we loathe each other, instead of that we should help each other. I am probably considered the most racist person there is. I make fun of one race, then another, why because i am jealous of what they have. I am really just a lost sheep among the flock, questioning the reason for existence. When you look at it, the reason why the world has problems, is because we just look for differences, we never try to realize that we are all alike, and that at the end of the day the reason we are afraid of each other is because we don’t understand each other. I guess it doesn’t matter, everyones going to just say yea, we should do that, and do this and that, but since the beginning of time we have hated each other, so how are we going to stop that. I guess part of being human, is to learn to hate, flawed we are. Maybe the meaning to life is really to find a way to not hate, find a way to be able to love all that is on this earth. but you what, all i am is just an angry asian in the world filled with billions of people who i look like right?

You live to make money, soo that in the future you can enjoy yourself, but in the end you realize what’s it all mean?


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You know what’s interesting about assassination….did you ever stop to think about the people we kill? It’s always those who tell us to live together in harmony and try to love one another. Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, John Lennon. They all said live together in harmony… BAM! Right in the head. Apparently we aren’t ready for that yet. – George Carlin

Comment by louie

“Because they want to put their freaking penis’ in your tight little Asian Vagina”

I should ban you for language like that… lol

Comment by fbgurunineteen

Ditto to Louie

Comment by A Wong

this was a dirty rant

Comment by J00n00t

as a white female who has dated many asian men, i find this blog to be racist, sexist, and down right inappropriate. many people have said i have asian fetish, “yellow fever.” is it because i like tight little asian vaginas? also, stop coming in to our italian restaurants and playing with our forks, thanks.

yea, exactly.

Comment by Anonymous


an rong got SONNED!

Comment by louie

um madam, we do not play with your forks, we use them to eat. You see when u take chopsticks and bang them and fight with them like their tiny little swords it is fucking rude. We use forks like civilized human beings. White folk use it to stab their husbands in the eye. And please do not use the yes, exactly bullshit if ur not going to leave a name, because that is just you being very very fucking rude. Because how else can i continue this conversation with you. Also tiny little vaginas was directed towards the male population of your race. Got a problem? well i do believe there is a thing called the bill of rights? and i do believe i get the right to free speech or are you going to petition to Congress to take that away from us too?

Comment by An Rong

Also, did u read the whole thing, i do believe i made references to such that i am sounding quite racist, and that i am being a hypocite. I also made a conclusion that gives justification to all this. But you know what i bet you didn’t read all of it cause I am stupid “cha-neeese man, pork friend rice right”. Find me at If you got any more to say, cause i will be glad to have an open discussion about this. But you know you probably wont read the whole thing because u probably think im just some asian kid who doesnt matter right. Something below ur fucking shoe. But guess what, your the one afraid to leave a link soo that i could comment back. enjoy the valentines chocolate that my relatives in china made soo that you can celebrate valentines day, and claim it to be real.

Comment by An Rong

wow. i didnt think you were so emotional about all that stuff… now i feel bad about all the thinks i jokingly said towards you… then again u have made some cruel black jokes towards me so we are even lol

But seriously… you have the right to believe whatever you want and i think that u have a valid reason to say these things…

Comment by Nate

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