Pretending to Be…

Something is Fishy…
February 20, 2008, 7:41 pm
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Its one of three things:

Barack Obama is taking performance enhancing drugs, HGH maybe? From what I know the Democratic Party does not have strict drug policy tests or screenings. Performing Enhancing Drugs have always been a part of the political landscape, William Howard Taft took illegal weight loss pills, Bill Clinton was VIVA VIAGRA!!!, and John Edwards Howard Dean was obviuosly on crack 4 years ago uncontrollably yelling out YAHHHHHH TRICK YAHHH!!!!! (btw when is John Edwards going to file suit against Soulja Boy for copyright infringement???) And Obama’s swagger has been pretty darn swagtastic lately. Well, Hillary is taking like 55 testosterone pills a day anyway so I guess the field is even.

Barack Obama is illegally video taping Hillary Clinton’s signals. Barack Obama has won 10 straight states. The Patriots won 18 straight games. Im not saying anything specifically, but Im just saying something generally. Take it for what you will. And btw, I heard that Cornell West took a queue from Roger Goodell and burned all the evidence anyway. With the Spy-Gate controversy ongoing in the NFL, I think Barack will wise up and stop video taping. I think he will do it the old fashioned way and just send a sweet little birdie on over to Bill’s room, if ya catch my drift.

Now the final possibility is that people are actually coming out and voting for Barack Obama. That white people are voting for him. That Black people are voting for him. That Latino people are coming out and voting for him. That, God forbid, Asian people are voting for him. That men are voting for him. That women are voting for him. That young and old, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans are actually casting their vote for Barack Obama.

I mean, come on, American Citizens are NOT voting for Barack… the thing is rigged or he’s taking steroids… I think im going to write a letter to Senator Mitchell to propose an investigation….


Dear America,


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So should i vote for Obama?

Comment by An Rong

no u shouldnt because he takes steroids…

Comment by fbgurunineteen

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