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Acceptance through Knowledge…
March 14, 2008, 8:08 am
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I had my Midterm Critique the other day, and to be honest it was probably the worst crit I ever had. I mean they criticized every little thing they could find. And by they I mean my Turkish professor and a 5th year student. Our other guest critics, David Brienner the head of 2nd year design and another 5th year student were both late. So im standing up there defending my every move and every aspect of my design. And let me tell you the truth… going into a critique you know whether or not you will do well. You know how much work you put into a work. You know how hard you worked to develop the concept. You know whether or not it works. You know you dont have to bullshit in front of people because your work speaks for itself. All that logic got thrown out the window for me. I mean they absolutely lambasted me. The other design students in my class were in awe and shock too. They liked my design, and were as surprised as me when they bashed me. I mean your telling me I got 27 hours of sleep over a 7 day period to get destroyed???? helll naw….That just totally ruined my day, my week, hell even my upcoming spring break. BUT, I did get a B+ for a midterm grade, which is of some consolation.

These were my drawings:

Click Picture For Larger View
They are done with ink on mylar and are on a sheet that is 3 feet high and 6 1/2 feet in length.

Model:(please excuse the poor lighting)

Perspective View

Front Door

Room on Front Facade

Window on Street Side Facade

Street Side Facade

Upstairs Bedroom

Back Door

Stairs Leading Down into the Living Room

Living Room

This is the site we were to build on

WARNING: Things will get REALLY boring from here now…
Ok we had to biuld a rowhouse from two people of different occupations while including a business. So I decided to have a book store on the lower floor and that a Islamic and Jewish professor would live together and run the business. The whole idea is “Acceptance through Knowledge”. The idea of the two different religions living together came from the church across the street. I thought that it would be good for the community if there was a place where you could learn about different cultures and different religions. If you look carefully at the model you can see the form of a open book. And the idea that you have step outside of what you already know about other cultures or religions to accept someone. Thats why whenever you move on to the next floor in my house, the stairs lead you outside before they lead you back inside to the next floor. And there is a bunch of other stuff I really dont feel like typing. And apparently my critics hated it.


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looks amazing.

i don’t know anything about architecture though.

Comment by louie

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