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March 17, 2008, 1:51 am
Filed under: Pretending to be an Activist

::There is a retarded 15 sec commercial in the beginning::

The Chinese Government is full of fucking stupid ass muthafuckas. They use that stupid ass ‘Communist’ moniker for religious and political suppression while floating that stupid “we are socialists but practice capitalism” bullshit. I cant stand it. I hate China. I absolutely hate them. They suck western dick while waiting to fuck them in the ass. I cant fucking stand it. I dont think I ever felt so strongly about an issue. I hope the Chinese government get absolutely embarrassed this summer in the Olympics. I wont watch a fucking minute of it. Please be aware of this issue, step back from the insignificant things in life and get educated about this issue. Please.

This is a awesome link because in my experience the best information comes from well written and well informed blogs. Journalism is slowly dying and the internet will become the future of responsible journalism (even once reliable sources like the The New York Times and The BBC fall into partisan and biased reporting.) Trust me on that.
Tibet: China blocks YouTube, protests spread, bloggers react

Tibetans Clash With Chinese Police in Second City, (NEW YORK TIMES)

Tibet unrest spreads beyond Lhasa (THE BBC)


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Man that hurts, but u know its true to an extent, but i needs to read up on this thank you.

Comment by An Rong

yo what about that article about the CAT DEATH CAMPS.

Comment by louie

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