Pretending to Be…

Stressed, but Im too fly to be Depressed…

I hate school. Ugh. No time to breathe. No time to slow down and relax. Seems like college is supposed to be a time where you have fun and you look back later on it like “damn i had so much fun in college”… ehhhhh NO. I feel like things are passing me by; an absence of fun times with friends, relationships I cant pursue, books I have no time to read, money Im not making, beers im not drinking, good ish im not smoking … all i got is my drafting supplies and college bills. What am I supposed to do, except hope it gets better???


Im not a racist or sexist but I do play percentages and ratios.
With that in mind I know 8 Turkish people and I absolutely hate 1 of them. So 1 out of 8 Turkish people. Thats about 12%. If we further investigate this it means I hate 1 out of 2 Turkish people over the age of 21. That means I am racist against 50% of all Turkish adults that I know. Investigated further, I hate 1 out of 1 (100%) of all Turkish FEMALES over the age of 21. If we go into this even FURTHER I prob hate 1,000,000% of all TURKISH FEMALE DESIGN PROFESSORS.
I think that makes me a pretty racist and sexist person.

FUCK female Turkish design professors…
Actually I apologize to any Turkish individual let me rephrase…
I hate MY female Turkish design professor.


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haha word fuck a ho

Comment by An Rong Xu

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