Pretending to Be…

Gone Fishing…

As you have noticed (most likely not),I haven’t posted anything relevant in years… thats because I got this “HOW TO BE NINJA” DVD in the mail the other day. I’ve been watching it religiously and I think I got it down pretty much down pat. It took a lot of practice and dedication hence the lack of posts.

ummm… actually its because of finals and design projects. My concept is pretty crazy and when a single drawing takes 5 hours things get frustrating. But my final outcome will be RIIIIIDICULOUS- in a good way. We are designing a Music center in Old City of Philadelphia. And my concept is “Architecture is frozen music” Its a quote by some dead guy. Its coming out well. If I dont get a A i will be EXTREMELY pissed. Im really motivated right now and I hope it lasts till I finish.

what other major other than architecture can you say that finals last for 4 FREAKIN’ WEEKS?!?!?!? I shall think of it as a badge of honor.

Here is a glimpse of conceptual stuff:


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i’ll never be able to draw a building correctly.

also, i fucking hate nigahiga.

Comment by Lou

nigahiga is the man! why dont u like him????

Comment by Jun

then draws look mad neat crazy jun, god sped

Comment by An Rong Xu

his videos are so corny. i don’t see why he’s so highly ranked on youtube under ‘comedy’.

Comment by Lou

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