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Dear Diary????
April 19, 2008, 7:17 pm
Filed under: Picture and a Couple Words

OK i’ve decided I aint doing no more serious entries anymore. This is just gonna be personal shit now. With that said I went to the Mets vs. Phillies game yesterday. Santana was pitching against Cole Hamels. Santana dominated striking out 10 and giving up only 4 hits. But he ran out of gas at the 7 gave up two hits then FUCKING Aaron Heliman came in and gave up a 3 run homer. But we still won so it was all good.

We sat in the 400s section behind home plate. And DAMN some of the Phillies fans were assholes. They were cursing out of their minds and I was the brunt of many of them as I was rocking my Mets fitted. And to take the cake this middle aged guy brought two kids one had a phillies shirt on and the other one had a Mets shirt on. So the middle aged guy left kinda early- 7th inning I think – and those dumabasses start cursing at the little kids!!! They were like 5, 6 years old! Calling the kid wearing the Mets shirt a pussy and a retard. THIS KID WAS 6 YEARS OLD!!!!! Damn, phillies fans… DAMN…

And it was the second time I’ve been in Citizens Bank Ballpark and its a amazing place.
Click any of the pics for larger view

And a small world incident happened, a girl that i always hang out with in philly lives like a few blocks away from the frat house that my friends are in, at Stonybrook. And sorry anrong for calling you at like 3:30am about that shit, lol. But yea its a small world and that 6 degrees of separation is really true.

And my wifey is coming out with a new movie called the “Mellows” co-starring Lee Jeong-jae with filming already started.

Ok thats it, and from now till monday night i will not be sleeping because my midcrit is monday night and i havent done much.


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