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May 3, 2008, 2:22 am
Filed under: Pretending to be a Poet, Pretending to be a Rapper

I wrote this poem a lil more than a year ago…
I need to get back to this kind of creativity…
I wish I can get back to that…

I met this girl when i was like 5 years old
i wanted to make her mine, yup that was my goal
she’s the flyest in town
no ones takin her crown
but look at me lil asian kid fresh off the boat
wats my chances with her? i aint got no hope
but she just walked up to me and said:
“excuse me lil homie
i kno u dont kno me
but my name is Brook and we can be friends”
since then i’ve gotten to kno her betta
melanin, money, status all that shit didnt matta
u come from outta town, i like to show her off
if u aint real she straighten u out, she kno u soft
she taught me how to slang, how to talk
how to carry myself, how to walk
i met other girls like Queeny and Manny,
went to school wit Queeny, partied wit Manny
but still that Brook, always on my mind
another girl like that i could never find
another girl like that i could compare
her style, grace, and smarts so rare
but we had our troubles
as my age doubled
her friends werent as pure
experienced hate and racism, for sure
but never took out anger on Brook
those assholes, no love they took
got a lil older, took her for granted
got a lil swagger, brains more potent
followed my dreams, went to school in philly
realized how much i missed her, yes really
only when i left, did it make me see
made me realize, that Brook is the only girl for me
now how u think i felt when i heard
there’s these dudes who rapin’ her
all her friends have forsaken her
she dont smile like she used to
broken is the joy she cruised to
wrinkles i didnt see before
bruises that were never there
pimps whoring her…
cant recognize her…
and i cant save her…


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nice poem, it is creative, i remember reading this and i actually thought it was a girl haha

Comment by An Rong Xu

i’d think you’d want to give credit to common, at least for creative inspiration.

Comment by Anonymous

actually kanye’s verse inspired me more than common’s…
but since common inspired kanye then i guess it means he inspired me too…
‘I used to love H.E.R.’ is one of the all time great poetry pieces of all time, not just a rap in my opinion.

Comment by fbgurunineteen

[…] Brooklyn is dying, and there aint no one to save her… […]

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