Pretending to Be…

May 19, 2008, 5:09 pm
Filed under: Pretending to be a Poet

Most girls use their eyes
but not their sight.
They look at what men have
right now.
Not just material things
but beyond the superficial as well.
They don’t use their sight to see
the dreams and aspirations of these men.
If they are the type of men
who will turn dreams into reality.
So these girls don’t see what these men will become
instead they see what they are now.
What these men are now,
can be a very bleak picture.
Smart men dont mess around with short sighted girls.
Then they wonder why some men fuck ’em and then leave ’em.
They wonder why relationships start off great then turn sour.
‘Cause the future is important, ya know?
The future is what come tomorrow,
and you cant escape tomorrow.
In some men’s lives, things get prioritized.
Dont take it as men looking down on you.
But that these men are looking at whats ahead of you.
And that can be a very bleak picture.
This is not a sexist post.
‘Cause the script can be flipped,
about short sighted men…
not looking at what a woman will become.
Men and women need to close their eyes and use their sight.


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thats a powerful message jun

Comment by An Rong

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