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How Love All Started…
June 30, 2008, 2:37 am
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High School Graduation
June 26, 2008, 10:46 pm
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Went to my sister’s high school graduation the other day. Its funny how stupid high school graduations are. All those “You are the Future” quotes. Fuck that. All the speeches about how people are going miss everyone. I laugh at that. You wont miss ANYONE. If you care about someone enough to miss them you’ll make the effort and sacrifice to keep in touch with them. All that “ill miss you” is all bullshit because most of the time you dont mean it. I am guilty of it too. I said “ill miss you” to people that, frankly, I can give two shits about. But wont take anything away from high school graduations. During them you feel like you can take on the world and conquer it. Its a great and amazing feeling that lingers for a while. But as reality hits you in the face after a few years of college you realize how naive you were.

But anyway congrats to my sis…

June 23, 2008, 12:07 pm
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…my nights usually end like this.
well, not really, but metaphorically.

(L)aughing (M)y (A)ss (O)ff!!!!!!!
June 22, 2008, 11:23 pm
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You cant help but love the dude… no homo

New Banner…
June 20, 2008, 2:33 am
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I was OD bored today… family getting on my last nerve… not even worth talking about it here… and the worst part is I dont even have my own room to go lock myself in… it fucking blows… It makes me wonder why the fuck I even come back home sometimes…

Anyway reworked my banner so the shit can have a little more meaning… I put several people that inspire me; not in life but in the areas of artistic expression.
(Going from left to right)

Woody Allen

Anyone with any kind of complex can relate to Woody. He’s represents the short, ugly, bald, and social introvert inside all of us. His life and work helps us all realize that true success is in relationship to your faults not DESPITE of them.
And more personally I always found his humor and witty dialog in movies absolutely captivating and in my attempt to copy that style no one understands or thinks my jokes are funny anymore… =(

Salvador Dali

You know those people who go to museums and stare at impressionist and classical paintings? I never understood those people. I mean its a fuckin’ painting of a lake. Why are you staring?? Or a painting a naked dude riding a horse. I mean WTF? But if you look a Dali’s work… first of all they BLOW YOUR MIND. His work is the pinnacle of surrealist painting. But if you slowly take in this work you begin to realize that surrealism becomes realism as you interpret it. Dali’s creativity is not in his depth of imagination but the simple messages that are encoded in worlds of fantasy.

Langston Hughes

Simply put, during a time where society told him that black was ugly, that nappy hair was hideous, that dark skin was a flaw, where his people were marginalized, discriminated against, and even killed he stood practically alone in saying that “Black is Beautiful.” He did not lead through activism but through poetry and prose and literature. Its one thing to be confident in your skin when people praise you, but its a totally different thing when you are vilified and even your own people think lowly of themselves and you STILL have the self inclination to say I AM BEAUTIFUL. Its pretty inspiring.

Frank Gehry

His buildings just make anyone’s jaw drop.
Rumor has it that even when he shits it becomes some kind of artistic sculpture.

Nasir Jones

I dont even have to explain this one.
The World is Yours

I sip the Dom P, watchin Gandhi til I’m charged
Then writin in my book of rhymes, all the words pass the margin
To hold the mic I’m throbbin, mechanical movement
Understandable smooth shit that murderers move wit
The thief’s theme, play me at night, they won’t act right
The fiend of hip-hop has got me stuck like a crack pipe
The mind activation, react like I’m facin time like
‘Pappy’ Mason with pens I’m embracin
Wipe the sweat off my dome, spit the phlegm on the streets
and the Nikes on my feet, makes my cypher, complete
Whether crusin in a six-cab, or Montero Jeep
I can’t call it, the beats make me fallin asleep
I keep fallin, but never fallin six feet deep
I’m out for presidents to represent me
I’m out for presidents to represent me
I’m out for dead presidents to represent me


Moved & Moving…
June 15, 2008, 9:15 am
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I got tired of google blogger. So i moved over to WordPress. Did you know you could import all your old posts from Blogger over to WordPress??? Another reason why WordPress is better I guess. And I have a new theme that I hope to keep consistent with.

And speaking of moving I will be leaving Brooklyn and moving over to College Point, Queens. Its a weird feeling. I have lived in Brooklyn practically my whole life. 12 years I think? Damn. I mean College Point is the next neighborhood away from Flushing so its not like its a completely foreign area. And I did go to middle school in Queens, commuting from Brooklyn which was a fucking bitch…. Anyway yea, no more Brooklyn. I mean when someone asks where Im from, what am I supposed to say now? Uhhh I live in Queens but I grew up in Brooklyn.

Wow, that sounds so corny.

I have Brooklyn in my blood. Grew up in Park Slope before it got taken over by white hipsters. When the only people that walked around 5th ave were Hispanics. When the Atlantic mall used to be a Western Beef. When Downtown Brooklyn used to be a ghost town. When there was no white people on the 3 train. When Flatbush ave used to be dangerous for a lil asian kid. Then I moved to Crown Heights. Nostrand ave and the crazy Jamaicans that ran shit there. Where you can get the most amazing oxtail and curry goat. Eastern Parkway, which became the just the “Parkway” during the Caribbean parade. The B45 Bus I took to my high school in Fort Greene. The A train right outside of Bed-Sty.

Gonna Miss you Brooklyn. The Most amazing place in the world, no doubt.

My Knees Get Weak…
June 13, 2008, 4:02 am
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…at good looking girls that can rap..

she raps in english at the end…