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June 15, 2008, 9:15 am
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I got tired of google blogger. So i moved over to WordPress. Did you know you could import all your old posts from Blogger over to WordPress??? Another reason why WordPress is better I guess. And I have a new theme that I hope to keep consistent with.

And speaking of moving I will be leaving Brooklyn and moving over to College Point, Queens. Its a weird feeling. I have lived in Brooklyn practically my whole life. 12 years I think? Damn. I mean College Point is the next neighborhood away from Flushing so its not like its a completely foreign area. And I did go to middle school in Queens, commuting from Brooklyn which was a fucking bitch…. Anyway yea, no more Brooklyn. I mean when someone asks where Im from, what am I supposed to say now? Uhhh I live in Queens but I grew up in Brooklyn.

Wow, that sounds so corny.

I have Brooklyn in my blood. Grew up in Park Slope before it got taken over by white hipsters. When the only people that walked around 5th ave were Hispanics. When the Atlantic mall used to be a Western Beef. When Downtown Brooklyn used to be a ghost town. When there was no white people on the 3 train. When Flatbush ave used to be dangerous for a lil asian kid. Then I moved to Crown Heights. Nostrand ave and the crazy Jamaicans that ran shit there. Where you can get the most amazing oxtail and curry goat. Eastern Parkway, which became the just the “Parkway” during the Caribbean parade. The B45 Bus I took to my high school in Fort Greene. The A train right outside of Bed-Sty.

Gonna Miss you Brooklyn. The Most amazing place in the world, no doubt.

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damn…that IS sorta sad. you can take the kid outta brooklyn but you can’t take the brooklyn out the kid!

Comment by swizzy

❤ swizzy =)

Comment by Jun

nuh uh your blog is gay =)

Comment by lucylu

holy shit, a second ago, the template was different

Comment by asupremenewyorkthing

look, it hapened to me, I moved to queens, but i say i live in queens, but i grew up in chinatown. It sucks i know, but you know, your close to me now<3

Comment by An Rong

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