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High School Graduation
June 26, 2008, 10:46 pm
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Went to my sister’s high school graduation the other day. Its funny how stupid high school graduations are. All those “You are the Future” quotes. Fuck that. All the speeches about how people are going miss everyone. I laugh at that. You wont miss ANYONE. If you care about someone enough to miss them you’ll make the effort and sacrifice to keep in touch with them. All that “ill miss you” is all bullshit because most of the time you dont mean it. I am guilty of it too. I said “ill miss you” to people that, frankly, I can give two shits about. But wont take anything away from high school graduations. During them you feel like you can take on the world and conquer it. Its a great and amazing feeling that lingers for a while. But as reality hits you in the face after a few years of college you realize how naive you were.

But anyway congrats to my sis…


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congrats jun’s sister, and yea word i concur with u

Comment by An Rong

You’re such a pessimist…or maybe a realist.
But good to know that you aren’t as fond of high school bull crap as I am.
Love your blog!!! Looks awesome!
I’ll frequent you page often!

Comment by Jess Man

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