Pretending to Be…

Baby, Im Getting on an Air-O-Plane…
July 17, 2008, 1:39 am
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….and I dont know when I’ll be coming back again…
Im going to Korea for a month, to see family and such.

But one thing I do know, is that my time in Korea will unfold just like a really bad and predictable Korean music video.

Im gonna fall in love with a girl at first sight.
And we will have a blossoming romance.
But of course, I will find out she has cancer.
And of course she will find out I must go back to the U.S.
And of course her older brother will definitely be a Crime Lord in Seoul.
And he will come after me for abandoning his sister.
As they kidnap me and beat me to a pulp, the girl will come and beg her brother to save my life.
But of course he will say no and precede to kill me.
But the girl will step in front of the gun and will die.
I will hold her in my arms, weeping, sayin “Im sorry” while she says how much she loved me.
In anger I single handedly kill all of his goons.
My dead Lover’s brother and I will engage in one on one combat till the death.
Of course I will prevail and as I end his life he will whisper to me using his last breathe that “maybe in the next life, we can be friends instead of enemies.”
Then I go to the nearest liquor store and will precede to drink 7 bottles of Soju in depression…

And lastly I will pack to come back to the States.
Sounds like fun, no???

The Famous sad for the sake of being sad Korean Music Video:


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that mv gets me every time, and hey lets make that into a movie

Comment by An Rong Xu

That’s a great storyline ahahahhaa.
But Soju…be more of a man than that!!!!!!! 151!

Comment by Jess Man

Oh yeah you have inspired me to keep up with my blog. I am gonna check out wordpress.
If not you’ll find me still at blogspot.

Comment by Jess Man

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