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The Motherland: Grandma’s House…
July 31, 2008, 2:24 pm
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Havent posted anything in a while…
Its a combination of a lot of things..
1) I’ve been hella busy with family, a.k.a. going from house to house and playing with all my little cousins and i really havent been compelled to sit in front of a computer..
2) I dont have good access to the internet. I’ve used my cousins’ computer to check news and current events and such, but not that much. And the only time I have a computer to myself is when I go to an internet cafe, you know, to get my daily fix of pornography..*sarcasm*

But I have taken a shit load of pictures and ill post them slowly…

Part I: Grandma’s House
It rained like a fuckin shitstorm the first week i was here. There was a typhoon and Korea got hit wit more than a foot of rain in some places. It literally rained everyday for a week.
(Click pics for larger view)

My grandma’s house is in the outskirts of Seoul in Anyang. Its pretty rural, my grandmother goes to the foot of the mountain to get spring water, and there is a corn farm right next to her house. But she has HDTV and cable and a really expensive AC in her room. I love it here. Its only 30 min away from Seoul and there is a bus depot a block away. So that makes traveling easy. But at night theres no city lights and you can hear the crickets outside and sleeping is really peaceful. And I just read over what i just wrote and it sounds absolutely retarded so imma stop writing now. Plus this internet cafe place is about to close so imma get the hell outta here.


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Man, I want to go to Korea, hope things is going well, bring back shit for me

Comment by An Rong

he can’t bring women back for you an rong.

Comment by Louie

Louie u are a funny dude…

Comment by Jun

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