Pretending to Be…

Usain Bolt embarrasses anyone ever to run track…
August 18, 2008, 4:24 am
Filed under: Pretending to be an Athelete

Goodness Gracious..
I didnt get to see it live…
The dude broke the world record and he was showboating for the last 20 m…
And SMH at the dude from Trinidad who was OD hype for winning the silver…
I mean i understand you won a silver medal for your country and that plenty to be proud of…
but the dude that won would have beat you even if he gave you a 15 m head start…
That American dude from Florida State was celebrating too, but it you could tell he was like damn I just got ethered by BOLT…
And fuck saying “ethered” imma say you got “bolted”… Jamaican style.. damn

And btw, one of his shoes was untied too…

I cant believe his name is Usain Bolt… Bolt is his real family name???


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the guy who originally won silver actually got dq!
i am obssesed with the olympics!

Comment by Jess Man

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