Pretending to Be…

Butterfly Effect..

All causes and all effects.
Don’t call it shit,
Necessary to acknowledge it.
Some call it LOVE and some call it SEX,
Call it what you want,
But with one touch and you’re gone.
So call in sick,
With human politics
From whispered hushes and distant crushes.
Mental fits,
Breaking pencil tips and ink & brushes.
Simple rushes.
God makes man and this is the devil’s finishing touches.
From dukes to duchesses,
And kings to queens.
From dust to dust this is the sinful theme.
The scene for crack fiends and gun-packing teens.
High on,
Vaccines, magazines and saccharine.
Love scream


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“Don’t call it shit,
Necessary to acknowledge it.”

It’s actually ‘No college shit necessary to acknowledge it” and imo, he’s a great rapper and poet, for someone who’s not native US American.

Comment by lovemelodies

he was a writing major at Stanford which i think is the reason why he is such a great poet…
and yea you’re right he is a very gifted rapper “Tablo’s word” where he rhymes by himself on every album are always the highlight of any album…

Comment by Jun

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