Pretending to Be…

Of Beer, Wine, and Architects…

[of course, click any of the pics for larger views]

Today me and a few of my friends went over to NYC for an unveiling of the winners of a competition held by Storefront for Architecture. The competition was basically to re-design the White House, theoretically of course. In my Design class we are participating in the Ed Bacon ReBuild and Revive Student Competition, so that coupled with the fact one of our professor’s submission made the gallery, a bunch of us decided to go. I mean it might be a source of inspiration and hopefully we would be able to see some cool and innovative designs. But surprisingly most of the work wasnt that great. Maybe because the works had to speak for themselves and most of the submissions had little text explaining anything. I was disappointed. Even worse there was a huge crowd that showed up but most of the people were just there for the bar and just ended up socializing in front of the gallery. WTF, go to a fucking bar for pete’s sake. That really pissed me off. I mean at first, I didnt think it was so bad cause I thought: hey if I worked really hard on a project and it made it to a gallery I want to relish in the reward and have a few drinks with friends watching other people look at my work. Right? Ummm, but it turns out that most of those people werent the designers of any of the works. They were just gossipy bitches that came for a excuse to dress up and an excuse to drink. A group of woman in front of me were standing right in front of some works talking about what they ate last night and how sad they were for not being able to fit into a size 2 anymore. They couldnt give a shit about any of the projects. Because of the douchebags that only came for alcohol I couldnt get to spend that much time inside the gallery. And on top of that I scuffed my grey hightop Dunks. Yea, I was tight.


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