Pretending to Be…

I Needed To Go To the Bathroom and Take a Doodle…

I havent updated in ages…
Its cause this time of year is finals time for Design student…
Heres some of my concept drawings for our final project…
We have to design a Bird Sanctuary/Research center…

The concept Im developing is the idea of contrast between bird circulation and human circulation. Birds do not view an enclosed space, i.e. four walls and a roof as a safe location…
In fact the safest places for birds may be the most dangerous for humans; on a ledge or on top of a pole…
So what is the ideal space for birds?

The problem with creating a space based solely on a bird’s circulation path is that it belittles human programmatic space. So the balance and harmony between actually program of the building that humans can utilize and the spaces the birds can utilize must stand together.

So Im almost finished with my first concept model. Ill post that as soon as Im done.

The image you see below is my concept board I did. The drawings above are all on this board. Basically I sat in front of my drafting table at studio and sketched and doodled for a long time. The Final Crit is just around the corner…
click on pic for larger image
click on pic for larger view


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