Pretending to Be…

G-Men Do Not Shoot Themselves…
December 16, 2008, 3:45 am
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Saw this Nike Commercial.. I love Football commercials; something about the whole romanticization of muddy practice in the rain, vein-popping screaming during the last rep of the last set of bench-press, bone crunching hits during scrimmages, and the eruption of skirmishes after the whistle. Its not far from reality, but its the underlying fantasy that football purist and people who know nothing about football all imagine it being.

The preparation for a Football season, no matter at what level, is to see how far you can push yourself physically in order to achieve new heights of success.

The hardest workers in Football are usually the individuals who can succeed at whatever they attempt in any and all aspect of life. Its not about being a good or bad player. Its about not giving up and working at it till the end. Its not about whether you won or lost the game; its about whether or not you played the game to the fullest extent of your ability, whatever level that may be.

I think that’s the most important thing I learned while playing Football.

The Giants sucking right now has Football on my mind, when the last of my finals should be.


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