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A Ransom Note Left in a Dark Room…
December 17, 2008, 2:40 am
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So finals are all done. School is done for this semester. Not going Home till tomorrow. Kinda bored. Working on my portfolio for a bit. Guess its a blessing in disguise.

I was thinking about something the other day. It has occurred to me that I really REALLY REALLY hate bad handwriting. I think it is my biggest pet peeve more than pEoPlE tHaT wRiTe lIkE tHiS in text messages & facebook comments and more than people who misspell every other word. I find it kind of ironic that many of my peeves are related to writing/typing. And by bad handwriting I am not speaking of people who write illegibly. The stereotype of Doctors are they have loopy scribble that no one can understand. I really dont mind that. As long as it has a style. I just cant stand people who write like 3rd graders. Perfectly legible, but it looks fugly.

My roommate left me the gas bill before he left for the holidays. It looks like a fuckin ransom note. If I showed you this handwriting what would your impression of him be? Would it be good? I think your handwriting gives people an impression of your intelligence. The guy who wrote this is a pretty smart guy. He missed a 4.0 G.P.A. by only a half a letter grade this semester. But he writes like a 7 year old. Does this bother anyone else? Just me?

I mean there is little need, especially in this age of computers, to ever hand-write anything. It just gets on my last nerves when I see bad handwriting. I rather listen to somebody run their nails down a chalkboard… ok maybe not, but it does drive me insane.


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ahaha this reminds me of the book u bought for your friend. is this the same friend?

Comment by jess

oooo i like that comment you put in my blog post was great. thank you.

Comment by jess

no… its the doofy one you saw on the crutches

Comment by Jun


Comment by jess

lol I’m obsessed with handwriting so I thought this post was hilarious, especially the “ransom note” bit.

Comment by evacuatewithstyle

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