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A Snowy NYC Morning…
December 19, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I dont know what to compare snow to. You know, a metaphor for it. Cause its beautiful when it first comes down. Its pure untouched stage. Its only lovely when your inside in a nice heated house with a steaming cup of coffee looking out your window into the snowy wonderland that you are safe from inside your shelter. But then you have to drive in it (I have a job interview today and I didnt even clear snow off my car), and then it gets all dirty and brown it fucks up your shoes, then it melts and becomes ice and is a danger to senior citizens and shit. Thinking about it I really dont like snow.

Does the place I live in NYC now, even considered a part of NYC? I used to be in Crown Heights which is in the heart of Brooklyn and as we all know Brooklyn is the meat and potatoes of NYC while Manhattan is just the appetizer. But in Queens where I live now I have to take the 7 train to the VERY LAST stop (Main Street, Flushing) then I have to get on the 20A Bus and take that to the VERY LAST stop to College Point Blvd. I feel like I live in fucking upstate New York cause Im so far from everything.




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wow u have to travel that far! yeah…when someone tells me they are from manhattan..i think of snobby rich folks…staten island, i think of trashy heavy accented city folks, bronx, i think of people on the iffy side (don’t quite know what to think), queens, i think of people who aren’t very cool–just kinda whatever people, but not you, and when i think of BROOKLYN, the coolest people alive! YOU. ha. hahaha…I’ve always wanted to say hey I am from BROOKLYN, but that’ll never happen.

Comment by jess

oh yeah i hate snow too. use to love it…but it does nothing but ruin people’s hopes and dreams.

Comment by jess

‘ruin people’s hopes and dreams’???

Comment by Jun

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