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Look Mom, No Lights!

OK so we started the first real project of the semester in studio…
The Goal is to propose a Meditation/Meeting space for about thirty people.
Several constraints:

  • There can be no electrical systems AT ALL in the building
  • The Structure has to be lighted by only natural light
  • The Structure can only be heated by the said natural light
  • The Structure can only be cooled by natural means
  • The Structure can only be ventilated naturally

So basically we are taking sustainability to the fullest extent, almost an exaggeration of it. Every little detail is magnified now, because we cant lean on technology as a crutch. The angle of the sun during every season, the orientation of the building, the direction of the wind and its variations during the year, creation of shadows, insulation, ventilation, direct light, indirect light, and every other small detail that people usually take for granted has to be taken with a new meticulous approach.
Right now we are still in the schematic stage. Trying to figure out all the small kinks before we settle on a kind of tangible design.

Another pretty foreign concept is taking a charette & group oriented approach to design. That is a group of people (in our case 3 people) work together to strive for a final singular design. Its been pretty rough and gratifying at the same time. We got into plenty of shouting matches, egos clashed and were subsequently bruised, but many of those heated discussions summed up to a pretty successful conceptual and schematic phase. I have to say though, one of my partners, Mike, is a very talented designer and he very anal about small details, which is a good thing. He also is a good friend so the chemistry as designers is pretty good. Communication is important, but the biggest thing is to trust the other people in your group as competent designers. When you respect the ideas and work of the other people in your group its much easier to function as a singular unit. And I trust Mike’s instinct as a designer and so does he of mine. The third member of our group I’ve known for a while too, but its been a work in progress. Im getting to trust him more and respect him more as time passes though.

Here are some and the most relevant sketching/conceptualizing/doodling we did:
[as always click the pics for full size view]


Right now, it doesnt look like much, but on Monday we have full scale models and hard line drawings due. So it will be more tangible then.


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