Pretending to Be…

London at Night…

Its the one city that makes me incomplete. Seriously.
Everything I see about it and hear about it amazes me.
There are two cities that forever have my heart and thats the greatest city in the world, NYC and my first love Seoul City.
But London is the one place that I havent been to, but I feel like I would love it there.
I have friends, people I trust, who have been there and said that it fits my personality really well.
Cities have personalities. Cities arent just places that are built up of stone and brick and steel. Its a living organism. Cities have emotions and feelings. Not trying to be EMO, buts its true. NYC fits one side of my personality and Seoul fits my other half. I can describe a person just from where they live, or at least the place they love the most. The people that live, work and play in those cities manifest a certain environment around the place they live. And when you go touch down there you notice that certain feeling, and its different from the place you are used to. People from San Fran act a certain way, people from Chi Town act a certain way, Philly heads have a particular swagger, as do NYC cats…
If im not in London, visiting during the summer of 2012 for the Olympics I consider my life a failure…

Ironically im not in either city I love right now, but the shit hole that is Philadelphia. I dont mean to call Philly a shit-hole, but lets just say me and Philly is a bad relationship and a divorce is soon on the way…

…its the feeeeeling of the city… you dig????

A view across Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, showing the London Eye on the right hand side and Buckingham Palace of the far left of the image. On the horizon line in the left of the image you can also just make out the arch of Wembley Stadium

Looking down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus and Soho

The River Thames at Greenwich Reach showing the Isle of Dogs, Docklands and the O2.

Old Street, Shoreditch and Hoxton, looking East

Looking West down the River Thames from Tower Bridge, with the City of London on the right bank and the Greater London Authority (GLA) building shown on the left bank.

1,200 ft over West India Docks and the Towers around Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. In the far background you can just make out the lights of City Airport in the former Royal Albert Docks.

Looking West across the Square Mile showing 30 St Mary Axe and Tower 42, Barbican, with Westminster in background.

All these photos are jacked from Jason Hawkes who specializes in Aerial Photography. Go check out his site for more London shots, and other things…


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yeah i’ve been to london, but i don’t even think i got to experience it.
i too want to be there in 2012, but i want to be working for them, which will be a stretch.
are u leaving philly?
yeah i want to move to nyc!

Comment by jess

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