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A Barn in the Woods…
February 19, 2009, 3:20 am
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New project Im working on for studio class. We are designing a studio/exhibition/charette space for the Master’s program for Sustainability at Philadelphia University, in theory of course. Program for this project follows along the guidelines of sustainability that has been the reoccurring theme throughout the semsester, even though I’m weary of how much the aspects of sustainability will actually be critiqued, that’s another story…

Anyway here are pics from my first model… Our mid critique is next week Thursday… I feel pretty good about it…

My concept is to recreate a barn. Yep a barn. The high ceilings of a typical barn allow for easy ventilation and it is easy to cool during summer months naturally. So far I am willing to leave the large interior spaces untouched to preserve the barn-like character and quality. Light comes in through the horizontal gaps between timber-wood beams and hopefully I will soon incorporate Over sized doors on the other side of that wall so they can open during warm months, effectively ventilating and dissolving the interior walls.

I also intend to cover the floor with maple wood flooring allowing light, even when it rains, to flow between the gaps in the walls and bounce off the glossy floor to give the interior a warm glow.
There is light truss work on the roof’s underbelly forming into lofts above the gallery spaces.

More to come, this project has me pretty excited… =)


















For some reason these pictures really dont do the model justice…


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nice. some of the images with the added lighting makes it look like an actual building.

Comment by Louie

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