Pretending to Be…

If You Are Blogging, You Aint Doing Shit…
March 13, 2009, 6:59 pm
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i think that is what i just realized…
that statement is probably a little over the top and may have sprinkles of untruth,
but for the most part I think that’s the case.
People who are doing shit with their lives dont have time to sit down and go on websites and shit…
Thats why the people who are really doing shit with their lives, you will never hear about them.
Cause they are way too busy to care about publicizing themselves.

I can sleep when im dead
and yall can pour out liquor on my grave,
so i can drink when im dead.
bury me in a three piece Gucci suit,
so I can be stylin’ when im dead.

Cause while im alive I wont care about any of that shit.


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i see your point, but i would have to disagree.
i don’t blog because i have nothing else to do, but because writing keeps me sane. it’s my life source. and i share, because it’s like having a conversation with a person. and keeping up a legit blog takes a lot of effort. also i am mighty busy!
and i know u are too, and u blog all the time! or are u saying that u ain’t doing shit?

Comment by jess

i know i’m not doing shit. now, to watch youtube videos and tv shows on hulu!

Comment by louie

well then u should post even more!
i heard u might be coming to boston for school! yipee!

Comment by jess

u haven’t updated in a while so does that mean u’re doin something?

Comment by jess

what makes life so topsy turvy? what’s been going on? do tell!!!!

Comment by jess

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