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‘A’ for Effort…
March 7, 2009, 6:34 pm
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Ill say one thing, Pepsi is trying very very hard…

go read the full review HERE


The Wall of Shame..



There’s a wall of shame in the studio…
If anyone ever makes something so bad, that is has to be showcased it goes up there…
If I ever get that honored I’ll let you guys know…

“Look Mom, No Lights!”: Final

Here are the final Models and Drawings for the meeting/meditation space I wrote about before. The model is at 1/4″ scale and is made mainly with different color matte board, foam core for wall thickness, and pre-cut basswood for trimmings. Also I used a little bit of fake grass for the path and acetate for windows. The site is extremely minimalistic, made with cardboard and wooden dowels for trees. This post will be image heavy, so those of you with slow internet connections, you know the deal…






Click “MORE” below to see all of the pics

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Reminiscing Durer triggering Calvino…

This is new awareness advertisement for WWF, the Worldwide Wildlife Fund…

When I first saw this piece I was oddly attracted not not its brilliance (although it is a masterful work) but more at its familiarity with something… something… something I just couldn’t put my finger on…
But pretty quickly I remembered…

I remember back in freshman year I had to do a charcoal shadow analysis of this drawing…
Thats when I started to develop an unjustified hatred for anything related to Albrecht Durer…

But going back to the WWF piece its pretty amazing. [make sure you click on the pic to see it in its full sized glory] While it reminisces Durer’s Rhino, the cityscape built up into the profile of a Rhino gives off a Calvino-esk “Invisible Cities” feel.

“Invisible Cites” has to be my favorite book of all time, spanning all genres. I think I have read it over 30 times. Its a short book so you can easily finish it in one sitting, but the stories Calvino spins are so in-depth and creates such an imagination explosion in your mind that you will have trouble sleeping. Calvino’s
Here’s an excerpt:

In vain, great-hearted Kublai, shall I attempt to describe Zaira, city of high bastions. I could tell you how many steps make up the streets rising like stairways, and the degree of the arcades’ curves, and what kind of zinc scales cover the roofs; but I already know this would be the same as telling you nothing. The city does not consist of this, but of relationships between the measurements of its space and the events of its past: the height of a lamppost and the distance from the ground of a hanged usurper’s swaying feet; the line strung from the lamppost to the railing opposite and the festoons that decorate the course of the queen’s nuptial procession; the height of that railing and the leap of the adulterer who climbed over it at dawn; the tilt of a guttering and a cat’s progress along it as he slips into the same window; the firing range of a gunboat which has suddenly appeared beyond the cape and the bomb that destroys the guttering; the rips in the fish net and the three old men seated on the dock mending nets and telling each other for the hundredth time the story of the gunboat of the usurper, who some say was the queen’s illegitimate son, abandoned in his swaddling clothes there on the dock.

As this wave from memories flows in, the city soaks it up like a sponge and expands. A description of Zaira as it is today should contain all Zaira’s past. The city, however, does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets, the gratings of the windows, the banisters of the steps, the antennae of the lightning rods, the poles of the flags, every segment marked in turn with scratches, indentations, scrolls

“Invisible Cities” Is what got me into Architecture and Design. The book is about Marco Polo basically visiting all the major cities in the world and retelling his experiences. Of course he retells it in an over exaggeration with poetic justice which is what makes the story so intriguing and mind blowing. Calvino’s words act like bricks that build a visual city in your mind and the same feeling that people get reading his book is the same feeling that I want any buildings I create in the future to give off.

Its my inspiration that keeps me going.

Look Mom, No Lights!

OK so we started the first real project of the semester in studio…
The Goal is to propose a Meditation/Meeting space for about thirty people.
Several constraints:

  • There can be no electrical systems AT ALL in the building
  • The Structure has to be lighted by only natural light
  • The Structure can only be heated by the said natural light
  • The Structure can only be cooled by natural means
  • The Structure can only be ventilated naturally

So basically we are taking sustainability to the fullest extent, almost an exaggeration of it. Every little detail is magnified now, because we cant lean on technology as a crutch. The angle of the sun during every season, the orientation of the building, the direction of the wind and its variations during the year, creation of shadows, insulation, ventilation, direct light, indirect light, and every other small detail that people usually take for granted has to be taken with a new meticulous approach.
Right now we are still in the schematic stage. Trying to figure out all the small kinks before we settle on a kind of tangible design.

Another pretty foreign concept is taking a charette & group oriented approach to design. That is a group of people (in our case 3 people) work together to strive for a final singular design. Its been pretty rough and gratifying at the same time. We got into plenty of shouting matches, egos clashed and were subsequently bruised, but many of those heated discussions summed up to a pretty successful conceptual and schematic phase. I have to say though, one of my partners, Mike, is a very talented designer and he very anal about small details, which is a good thing. He also is a good friend so the chemistry as designers is pretty good. Communication is important, but the biggest thing is to trust the other people in your group as competent designers. When you respect the ideas and work of the other people in your group its much easier to function as a singular unit. And I trust Mike’s instinct as a designer and so does he of mine. The third member of our group I’ve known for a while too, but its been a work in progress. Im getting to trust him more and respect him more as time passes though.

Here are some and the most relevant sketching/conceptualizing/doodling we did:
[as always click the pics for full size view]
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Mission Statement…


via noquendan

First project we’re working with plaster and blue foam. And its safe to say this has been the worst design experience of my life. Me and my group could never get the plaster mix right: its always either to clay-ey or too thick and the sanding the foam is a bitch to work with. And not to mention that the studio is a complete mess and utter DISASTER…
The fucking plaster gets everywhere all over your shoes, your, clothes, your face, your hair and into your boxers.
Its horrible.

On top of all that the models didnt even come out good.

Instant Bird Project: Final
January 9, 2009, 9:39 pm
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I think this post epitomizes my laziness…
Its been almost a month since I posted the second study model of this project, and Im just getting around to putting my the pics from my final model.
Well sorry for keeping anybody waiting [LOL at THAT thought].
Here they are:
[image heavy post]


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