Pretending to Be…

Where we once walked…


This is a photo of my dad… nearly 30 years ago…
Way before I was born…
In Brooklyn,
In a gas station on the corner of Flatbush Ave and Pacific Street, right by 5th ave…
He went there in hopes of a job,
A job towing old broken down cars…
There still are old broken cars around I suppose…
But the gas station isnt there anymore…
Torn down in hopes of a basketball arena that isnt coming anymore…
Thanks Bruce Ratner…. really…

I just saw this photo in my scrapbook and had a rush of zen-like nostalgia…
And I posted it for no other reason than that…

Before demolition:

After demolition:

Brooklyn is dying, and there aint no one to save her…

thanks to PHootprint for the links to those photos…
check out the flickr account for more photos…


Inspiration Spam! [Deviantart Photo Edition]

“Ironic Nature”
by VampireDory15

Art Critics
by lwheat

“so Frank, waddya think?”
“i don’ know bobby, maybe a little too abstract for my liking”
“but ain’t dat what makes it goood?”

everyone’s a critic

the moon ii
by !AllTheWorldsSquirrel

by hepikied

the sweet balance of vinyl
by ‘ssilence

I love the crackle, the resonant Sound, the flair of the old voices. Real music are full with love and everyone who know it should see this small message in this photo.


Fleet Foxes…
February 14, 2009, 1:21 am
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More Stop Motion Photography/Film!

I think Im going to try to make a stop motion film of my final model for this upcoming project…
we’ll see…

London at Night…

Its the one city that makes me incomplete. Seriously.
Everything I see about it and hear about it amazes me.
There are two cities that forever have my heart and thats the greatest city in the world, NYC and my first love Seoul City.
But London is the one place that I havent been to, but I feel like I would love it there.
I have friends, people I trust, who have been there and said that it fits my personality really well.
Cities have personalities. Cities arent just places that are built up of stone and brick and steel. Its a living organism. Cities have emotions and feelings. Not trying to be EMO, buts its true. NYC fits one side of my personality and Seoul fits my other half. I can describe a person just from where they live, or at least the place they love the most. The people that live, work and play in those cities manifest a certain environment around the place they live. And when you go touch down there you notice that certain feeling, and its different from the place you are used to. People from San Fran act a certain way, people from Chi Town act a certain way, Philly heads have a particular swagger, as do NYC cats…
If im not in London, visiting during the summer of 2012 for the Olympics I consider my life a failure…

Ironically im not in either city I love right now, but the shit hole that is Philadelphia. I dont mean to call Philly a shit-hole, but lets just say me and Philly is a bad relationship and a divorce is soon on the way…

…its the feeeeeling of the city… you dig????

A view across Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, showing the London Eye on the right hand side and Buckingham Palace of the far left of the image. On the horizon line in the left of the image you can also just make out the arch of Wembley Stadium

Looking down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus and Soho

The River Thames at Greenwich Reach showing the Isle of Dogs, Docklands and the O2.

Old Street, Shoreditch and Hoxton, looking East

Looking West down the River Thames from Tower Bridge, with the City of London on the right bank and the Greater London Authority (GLA) building shown on the left bank.

1,200 ft over West India Docks and the Towers around Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. In the far background you can just make out the lights of City Airport in the former Royal Albert Docks.

Looking West across the Square Mile showing 30 St Mary Axe and Tower 42, Barbican, with Westminster in background.

All these photos are jacked from Jason Hawkes who specializes in Aerial Photography. Go check out his site for more London shots, and other things…

This is Japan…
January 13, 2009, 10:03 pm
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I love stop motion photography…
Its so much more effective to inundate yourself with a umpteen number of snapshots,
it creates a photo montage in your brain and the whole experience of a surrounding permeates so much easier than say, a video of a person walking and your view is dictated by the tunnel vision of the camera…

Its a 7:39 minute video and it may get a little boring toward the end, but the aspect that this artist put this shit together while flowing well amazes me…

via Fubiz

Megapixels and HD Can Kiss My Ass…
January 12, 2009, 11:11 pm
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What Happens when you take this camera:
And take pictures in Lubitel, India???
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A Snowy NYC Morning…
December 19, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I dont know what to compare snow to. You know, a metaphor for it. Cause its beautiful when it first comes down. Its pure untouched stage. Its only lovely when your inside in a nice heated house with a steaming cup of coffee looking out your window into the snowy wonderland that you are safe from inside your shelter. But then you have to drive in it (I have a job interview today and I didnt even clear snow off my car), and then it gets all dirty and brown it fucks up your shoes, then it melts and becomes ice and is a danger to senior citizens and shit. Thinking about it I really dont like snow.

Does the place I live in NYC now, even considered a part of NYC? I used to be in Crown Heights which is in the heart of Brooklyn and as we all know Brooklyn is the meat and potatoes of NYC while Manhattan is just the appetizer. But in Queens where I live now I have to take the 7 train to the VERY LAST stop (Main Street, Flushing) then I have to get on the 20A Bus and take that to the VERY LAST stop to College Point Blvd. I feel like I live in fucking upstate New York cause Im so far from everything.