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Black, White, and Whatever…
October 25, 2008, 10:45 pm
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Papa Bear Can Be a Good Journalist…
September 8, 2008, 3:48 am
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O’Reilly asks some good questions, Obama holds his ground…
maybe next time Obama can box O’Reilly…

Barack Obama is a Metaphor…

“Love is a red red Rose”

Metaphors are wonderful for the fact that it attempts to explain the deepest and most profound theories & ideas in a few simple words. The fact that a rose has thorns, its beautiful fragrance and aesthetic prowess, or the chance that it may shrivel and die; all the aspects of a rose hold a connection to love that can explain the intricacies of that hormonal state we call love. Love is truly a red red rose.

But the problem with this metaphor, as well as with all metaphors, is that while they apply generally to all people, once you get to specific examples and conflicts of love it ceases to hold any relevance. Does the red red rose metaphor describe the a situation where you are married to a women, but since she was married before you have to see her ex-husband all the time? Or when you love someone but their whole family objects to it? The bottom line is that metaphors fail when you attempt to use them in situations that are individual-specific conflicts.

The right side of your brain uses feeling, is “big picture” oriented, where imagination rules, uses symbols and images, looks at present and future, consideres philosophy & religion, it believes, appreciates, has spatial perception, knows object function, is fantasy based, presents possibilities, is impetuous, and is risk taking.

In short the right side of the brain is what causes you to think in metaphorical terms.

The left side of your brain you ask? It uses uses logic, is detail oriented, facts rule, thinks in words and language, connects present and past, math and science, can comprehend, acknowledges, knows order/pattern perception, knows object name, is reality based, forms strategies, and is practical & safe

The reason for stating all this is to throw two more metaphors at you:
“Barack Obama is Hope.”
“Barack Obama is Change.”

Now the question I pose, is should politicians deal in metaphors? Should politics in general emphasize metaphors? Am I wrong to reason that politics and government should deal in left-brain activities not the metaphoric nature of the right-side of the brain?

But politics and government are slowly becoming a huge, boring metaphor. Barack Obama is a prime example of that. His policies are thrown to the back burner while metaphorical ideas and his “All-American story” is spun every which way to cater to peoples of different backgrounds who are supposed to relate. Hell, you can even purchase his “All-American” Story.
Barack Obama is very much a right-side of the brain thinker as his eloquent speeches have shown. Obama is an individual that embraces the metaphor and a major faction of the American people, as well as the world, have embraced the metaphor that is Barack Obama. Obama’s metaphor has been interpreted through song and through art. Obama’s metaphor, for all intensive purposes, has swept the nation.

And while I will cast my vote for this metaphorical man (btw is voting a left-side brain activity or right-side brain activity) I refuse to believe or get caught up in any metaphor. Nor will I care about or indulge myself in the Democrat Nation Convention either. My life and its conflicts are NOT metaphors. And while metaphorical men have changed the nation and the world, a metaphorical man in modern day politics never has and never will. And also, while I pride myself in being a well informed citizen of the United States of America I don’t deal or care about politics. And to let everyone in on a secret: Barack Obama is a politician. He’s not Jesus.

So all this was just a foreword to say whats really on my mind:
Fuck politics, metaphorically speaking of course.

Yoon Bong-Gil: This is my Hero

Sun Myung Moon: It’s Not a Conspiracy… Its True
March 30, 2008, 6:10 am
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This is the larger-than-life story of Reverend Moon, the billionaire Korean preacher behind the Washington Times, the heart of the GOP media machine… who jet-sets around the world with members of the Bush family… who literally claims to be the Second Coming… to whom D.C. insiders shamelessly pay homage. Years ago, Moon was widely considered a dangerous madman, like Jim Jones or L. Ron Hubbard. He inspired TV specials with names like “Escape From The Moonies.” His group earned its notoriety by prying young people from families, persuading them to sell flowers to underwrite Moon’s New York mansions and yacht, and marrying his subjects to strangers as a show of domination. Not only is he still around, but he is richer and more influential than ever. In 2004, journalist John Gorenfeld scooped the Washington press corps when he exposed a dinner party on Capitol Hill, in which members of Congress watched as Moon held a ritual coronation for himself as the “King of Peace.” Wearing a majestic cape and coronet, the publisher declared himself the Messiah. The New York Times editors compared the event, sponsored by a U.S. senator, to an act of the Roman emperor Caligula.

That, as you might imagine, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Bad Moon Rising takes you into the underbelly of the Religious Right. Which is surprisingly, scandalously entwined with Moon and his business empire — an untold chapter in American political history.

The grand absurdity is that Moon has become a major patron of conservative politics. And from his seat of respect, he is launching odd, multi-million dollar campaigns of his own to replace Jesus (whom he considers a failure), and attack the wall between church and state; his church, that is.

There’s more. The Chicago Tribune has reported that he controls the U.S. sushi industry. He manufactures heavy industry, does business with Kim Jong-Il. And he now officially considers himself Emperor of the Universe, claiming the imagined endorsements of dead U.S. presidents.

Strange sex and violence, power and blasphemy… The author invites you on an arresting journey as he explores the skulduggery with which Moon insinuated himself into Washington’s most moralistic circles, with a cast including the Bush family, Jerry Falwell, Left Behind author Tim LaHaye, Richard Nixon, an overseas gangster or two, and the men who built the Religious Right… with more than a little help from Moon.

Read about the state of American democracy in Bad Moon Rising, and you won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Race Matters…
March 19, 2008, 11:08 pm
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This speech is about 35 minutes long but please try to make some time to watch it. This man is the greatest political speaker of our generation and this speech made in Philadelphia on March 18th, 2008 is one the greatest of all time or at least of my generation. If you cant watch the video read the transcript here.

March 17, 2008, 1:51 am
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::There is a retarded 15 sec commercial in the beginning::

The Chinese Government is full of fucking stupid ass muthafuckas. They use that stupid ass ‘Communist’ moniker for religious and political suppression while floating that stupid “we are socialists but practice capitalism” bullshit. I cant stand it. I hate China. I absolutely hate them. They suck western dick while waiting to fuck them in the ass. I cant fucking stand it. I dont think I ever felt so strongly about an issue. I hope the Chinese government get absolutely embarrassed this summer in the Olympics. I wont watch a fucking minute of it. Please be aware of this issue, step back from the insignificant things in life and get educated about this issue. Please.

This is a awesome link because in my experience the best information comes from well written and well informed blogs. Journalism is slowly dying and the internet will become the future of responsible journalism (even once reliable sources like the The New York Times and The BBC fall into partisan and biased reporting.) Trust me on that.
Tibet: China blocks YouTube, protests spread, bloggers react

Tibetans Clash With Chinese Police in Second City, (NEW YORK TIMES)

Tibet unrest spreads beyond Lhasa (THE BBC)