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If Paintings could talk…
March 2, 2009, 9:33 pm
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What would they say???

I dont know… but something about the “holy-shit-I-shouldnt-have-done-shrooms-2 min-ago” aspect of this that I like…

Dont stare at it tooo long…

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Reminiscing Durer triggering Calvino…

This is new awareness advertisement for WWF, the Worldwide Wildlife Fund…

When I first saw this piece I was oddly attracted not not its brilliance (although it is a masterful work) but more at its familiarity with something… something… something I just couldn’t put my finger on…
But pretty quickly I remembered…

I remember back in freshman year I had to do a charcoal shadow analysis of this drawing…
Thats when I started to develop an unjustified hatred for anything related to Albrecht Durer…

But going back to the WWF piece its pretty amazing. [make sure you click on the pic to see it in its full sized glory] While it reminisces Durer’s Rhino, the cityscape built up into the profile of a Rhino gives off a Calvino-esk “Invisible Cities” feel.

“Invisible Cites” has to be my favorite book of all time, spanning all genres. I think I have read it over 30 times. Its a short book so you can easily finish it in one sitting, but the stories Calvino spins are so in-depth and creates such an imagination explosion in your mind that you will have trouble sleeping. Calvino’s
Here’s an excerpt:

In vain, great-hearted Kublai, shall I attempt to describe Zaira, city of high bastions. I could tell you how many steps make up the streets rising like stairways, and the degree of the arcades’ curves, and what kind of zinc scales cover the roofs; but I already know this would be the same as telling you nothing. The city does not consist of this, but of relationships between the measurements of its space and the events of its past: the height of a lamppost and the distance from the ground of a hanged usurper’s swaying feet; the line strung from the lamppost to the railing opposite and the festoons that decorate the course of the queen’s nuptial procession; the height of that railing and the leap of the adulterer who climbed over it at dawn; the tilt of a guttering and a cat’s progress along it as he slips into the same window; the firing range of a gunboat which has suddenly appeared beyond the cape and the bomb that destroys the guttering; the rips in the fish net and the three old men seated on the dock mending nets and telling each other for the hundredth time the story of the gunboat of the usurper, who some say was the queen’s illegitimate son, abandoned in his swaddling clothes there on the dock.

As this wave from memories flows in, the city soaks it up like a sponge and expands. A description of Zaira as it is today should contain all Zaira’s past. The city, however, does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets, the gratings of the windows, the banisters of the steps, the antennae of the lightning rods, the poles of the flags, every segment marked in turn with scratches, indentations, scrolls

“Invisible Cities” Is what got me into Architecture and Design. The book is about Marco Polo basically visiting all the major cities in the world and retelling his experiences. Of course he retells it in an over exaggeration with poetic justice which is what makes the story so intriguing and mind blowing. Calvino’s words act like bricks that build a visual city in your mind and the same feeling that people get reading his book is the same feeling that I want any buildings I create in the future to give off.

Its my inspiration that keeps me going.

Mission Statement…


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First project we’re working with plaster and blue foam. And its safe to say this has been the worst design experience of my life. Me and my group could never get the plaster mix right: its always either to clay-ey or too thick and the sanding the foam is a bitch to work with. And not to mention that the studio is a complete mess and utter DISASTER…
The fucking plaster gets everywhere all over your shoes, your, clothes, your face, your hair and into your boxers.
Its horrible.

On top of all that the models didnt even come out good.

Sex with an Octopus
September 29, 2008, 11:50 pm
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click the pic for full size view
There is something absolutely perverted and artistically brilliant about this all at the same time. I hope everyone notices the Octopus is smoking after it spewed ink all over the woman, LOL. Amazing. Makes me feel insecure….

about my artistic abilities, haha.
I dont do dirty jokes on this site.

Artwork done by Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen.

September 5, 2008, 7:29 pm
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So for the first project of Design VI this year we are submitting an entry for the THE 3RD ANNUAL ED BACON STUDENT COMPETITION: REBUILD AND REVIVE . And to start we were supposed to do a “creative” piece on our first impressions of the site. The site is in Ludlow, Philadelphia (North Philly) and its pretty shitty.
This is what I did:

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New Banner…
June 20, 2008, 2:33 am
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I was OD bored today… family getting on my last nerve… not even worth talking about it here… and the worst part is I dont even have my own room to go lock myself in… it fucking blows… It makes me wonder why the fuck I even come back home sometimes…

Anyway reworked my banner so the shit can have a little more meaning… I put several people that inspire me; not in life but in the areas of artistic expression.
(Going from left to right)

Woody Allen

Anyone with any kind of complex can relate to Woody. He’s represents the short, ugly, bald, and social introvert inside all of us. His life and work helps us all realize that true success is in relationship to your faults not DESPITE of them.
And more personally I always found his humor and witty dialog in movies absolutely captivating and in my attempt to copy that style no one understands or thinks my jokes are funny anymore… =(

Salvador Dali

You know those people who go to museums and stare at impressionist and classical paintings? I never understood those people. I mean its a fuckin’ painting of a lake. Why are you staring?? Or a painting a naked dude riding a horse. I mean WTF? But if you look a Dali’s work… first of all they BLOW YOUR MIND. His work is the pinnacle of surrealist painting. But if you slowly take in this work you begin to realize that surrealism becomes realism as you interpret it. Dali’s creativity is not in his depth of imagination but the simple messages that are encoded in worlds of fantasy.

Langston Hughes

Simply put, during a time where society told him that black was ugly, that nappy hair was hideous, that dark skin was a flaw, where his people were marginalized, discriminated against, and even killed he stood practically alone in saying that “Black is Beautiful.” He did not lead through activism but through poetry and prose and literature. Its one thing to be confident in your skin when people praise you, but its a totally different thing when you are vilified and even your own people think lowly of themselves and you STILL have the self inclination to say I AM BEAUTIFUL. Its pretty inspiring.

Frank Gehry

His buildings just make anyone’s jaw drop.
Rumor has it that even when he shits it becomes some kind of artistic sculpture.

Nasir Jones

I dont even have to explain this one.
The World is Yours

I sip the Dom P, watchin Gandhi til I’m charged
Then writin in my book of rhymes, all the words pass the margin
To hold the mic I’m throbbin, mechanical movement
Understandable smooth shit that murderers move wit
The thief’s theme, play me at night, they won’t act right
The fiend of hip-hop has got me stuck like a crack pipe
The mind activation, react like I’m facin time like
‘Pappy’ Mason with pens I’m embracin
Wipe the sweat off my dome, spit the phlegm on the streets
and the Nikes on my feet, makes my cypher, complete
Whether crusin in a six-cab, or Montero Jeep
I can’t call it, the beats make me fallin asleep
I keep fallin, but never fallin six feet deep
I’m out for presidents to represent me
I’m out for presidents to represent me
I’m out for dead presidents to represent me


Another All Nighter…

Finals are just around the corner…
Now for most people that means a lot of studying.
Maybe cramming plus a couple of last papers…
Well I have the heavy burden of studying for finals, writing two final 8+ page papers, and working hells balls in studio for a final presentation in Design. Couple that with Cad/Viz/Photoshop renderings the next week and a half will be a bitch.

But I made a couple of discoveries past few days.
First off I have discovered this:

Holy goodness they put STRAWBERRY CREME IN BETWEEN OREO COOKIES??? ARE THEY TRYING TO GET ME FAT??? They are limited edition and my roommate brought them from home a long time ago. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find them at any place in philly!!!! I was sad. Then one day my roommates and I went to target to buy “Charlie Wilson’s War” on DVD (amazing movie btw) and my roommate thought he saw the special edition Oreos. But alas it was just Oreo “Double Stuffed”. Right then there I uttered the words ‘I will never ever taste those again.’ Then as soon as we turned the corner to the next aisle there they were…. OREO STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE CREME cookies!!!!! I bought 4 packs. I will eat them until I am sick of them.

Also another food discovery. Well actually its beverage related. Dunkin’ Donuts 710 ml extra large coffee with creme no sugar will absolutely make you hyper as a muthafucka. No fuckin’ lie.

And the fact that the coffee actually kept me awake was amazing. Not the fact that I was going without sleep, but because of what I was doing. I had to write a 8 page paper on the 1947 United Nations general Assembly Resolution 181 on the Future Government of Palestine. Yeaaaaaahhhh. Sounds fun doesnt it????? Heres a LINK to the actual document. Its a good read…. cough cough… NOT… cough cough…

And lastly Lyfe Jennings came out with his latest LP yesterday without much fanfare. Its entitled “CHANGE” and even though it does not contain any classic material overall as a composition I do believe it is his strongest album as a whole. I cant stress how much I admire Lyfe Jennings. His music has so much emotion and content while still maintaining his lyrical mastery and overall flow. Most people in the music industry are so fake. Just in it for the money and they all sound the same. Some people have the incredible gift of using music as a medium of communicating emotions that have no strength on just words alone. I will be reviewing his album very soon and please go out and support good music, you will not be disappointed. The coffee I drank combined with listening to his album all night on repeat had writing that paper very much less painful.