Pretending to Be…

Inspiration Spam! [Deviantart Photo Edition]

“Ironic Nature”
by VampireDory15

Art Critics
by lwheat

“so Frank, waddya think?”
“i don’ know bobby, maybe a little too abstract for my liking”
“but ain’t dat what makes it goood?”

everyone’s a critic

the moon ii
by !AllTheWorldsSquirrel

by hepikied

the sweet balance of vinyl
by ‘ssilence

I love the crackle, the resonant Sound, the flair of the old voices. Real music are full with love and everyone who know it should see this small message in this photo.



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you seem to like textured photos. These photos are pretty good, the cigarette one is alright, the moon one is amazing!

Comment by An Rong

i like photos with context not necessarily texture…

and yea I fell in love with the moon one too… but the person who did that doesnt have an account at Deviant any more… idk why =(

Comment by Jun

wow jun you were pretty angry at my last post. not that i don’t agree with what you are saying, i do, but i think you were taking what i meant by time is not my friend out of context. we shall have a later conversation about it. and which bitch you talking about?

and uhhh…i was trying to convey how distracted a person can be, that’s why i mentioned amy tan’s book. and that book is not bad as you think, it has some relevant points. so smile jun =) and give me back my brownie points!

Comment by jess

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