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Its all Up in Yo’ Ear Like Q-Tips…
December 19, 2008, 3:36 am
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Straight up, the best album I have listened to since “The Cool” by Mr. Fiasco. I just only downloaded this a week ago and I just bought the actually CD yesterday. I dont buy that many actually albums, but this shit is straight up classic stuff had to go out and buy the actually thing. “Dance on Glass”, “Move”, and “Gettin Up” are pure IPod battery killers. To be truthful, I still haven’t listened to the whole album thoroughly because of those three joints. But “We Fight We Love’ featuring Raphael Saadiq and “Life is Better” featuring Norah Jones are terrific songs too. Its nice to have a LP that you can just listen and vibe too, without having the beat’s bass knock the concentration out of you.


Lupe Redux…

Since “The Cool” dropped I really havent been on any Lupe shit.Its probably because I dont go on any hip hop blogs anymore. Its just full of stupid shit that Im not into. I heard Jeezy’s new album. I actually liked kinda like it and its getting some of play. Still havent took the time to listen to “LAX”…. I heard “Paper Trail” thought it was ok… But seriously Im starting to question my hip hop fandom… If it wasnt for Lupe, Nas, and Kanye I dont think I would even really listen to hip hop. But getting back on topic, I know Im late on this remix but I spazzed when I heard it. Shit is fire and that says alot since I cant stand Pharrell AT ALL.

And then I saw this:

Which made me go to my Itunes library and listen to the “Superstar” remix like a thousand times. Got to admit, T.I. spit a heavy verse on that…

And then I spent the whole day listening to my favorite albums by artists not named Nas, Lupe, or Kanye…

I never was into hip hop groups. Never got into Wu-Tang, ATCQ, or the Roots. I mean I listen to all of them but not consistently. But I love De La Soul and “The Grind Date” is my favorite album from them. I probably listened to this album about 50 times through. No tracks that need to be skipped. And how good is “Come on Down” where Flava Flav yells like a mad man. Call me crazy but I love that track.

Ok so the major reason I like this album is because of Ye’s production. I have the instrumental version that I listen to all the time. But this is my favorite Common album and “Love Is” is my favorite Common song of all time, “6th Sense” notwithstanding… Common and Kanye have amazing chemistry; his flow matches Ye’s beats so perfectly its scary…

I thought Blu would be the next Nas… I mean “The World Is…(Below the Heavens)” is probably one of the greatest songs of ALL time to me… His next project with C.R.A.C. Knuckles wasnt that great… but this album is one of the best of all time… Blu needs to drop another album real soon… this cat has unlimited potential…

I have no idea why I like this album so much, I cant explain. I really dont like Guru’s flow, its kinda dull. The interludes piss me the fuck off and takes away from the album to me. But I keep on listening to it. I guess Premo’s amazing production and Guru’s lyrics carry this album. I mean if you told me name my favorite albums I would NEVER have said ‘Moment of Truth’… But when I look at my playcount and just think back on what hip hop albums I listen to this album is among the top. I guess Im hooked on it subconsciously… *shrugs*

wtf was this post about???
oh yea, lupe…
Im back on my Lupe stannery again…
not that I was never off it, just took a break from it…
“LupEND”, cant wait…

Butterfly Effect..

All causes and all effects.
Don’t call it shit,
Necessary to acknowledge it.
Some call it LOVE and some call it SEX,
Call it what you want,
But with one touch and you’re gone.
So call in sick,
With human politics
From whispered hushes and distant crushes.
Mental fits,
Breaking pencil tips and ink & brushes.
Simple rushes.
God makes man and this is the devil’s finishing touches.
From dukes to duchesses,
And kings to queens.
From dust to dust this is the sinful theme.
The scene for crack fiends and gun-packing teens.
High on,
Vaccines, magazines and saccharine.
Love scream

Not Loving Love Lockdown…
September 9, 2008, 3:08 am
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So i got around to hearing Kanye’s new single that he unveiled during the VMA’s yesterday, (Heres the ripped version of it if you aint lent a ear to it yet), and to I am NOT feeling it.
Now let me say this, “Love Lockdown” will be a enormous hit and will be absolutely beaten to death by the radio but Im really not feeling it…
Dont get me worng, “Love Lockdown” is a good song, great song maybe, but Kanye didnt rap one bar. I know, I know, good music is good music and Kanye is a musician, blah blah blah…. but the Kanye I became a fan of was Kanye the rapper. Not the producer, not the blogger, not the singer, but the rapper. And the music scene does not need Kanye the musician. But the music scene NEEDS Kanye the rapper. The RAP game needs Kanye the rapper. And apparently Kanye will do a lot more singing than rapping on this upcoming album. Taking Kanye away from rap is like taking the paintbrush away from Van Gogh, all you are left with is a mentally deficient dude who likes to cut his own ear off. I want to see paintings not the other mindless bullshit that happens in rap without Kanye.

But I digress…
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Creativity and Inspiration…
May 3, 2008, 2:22 am
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I wrote this poem a lil more than a year ago…
I need to get back to this kind of creativity…
I wish I can get back to that…

I met this girl when i was like 5 years old
i wanted to make her mine, yup that was my goal
she’s the flyest in town
no ones takin her crown
but look at me lil asian kid fresh off the boat
wats my chances with her? i aint got no hope
but she just walked up to me and said:
“excuse me lil homie
i kno u dont kno me
but my name is Brook and we can be friends”
since then i’ve gotten to kno her betta
melanin, money, status all that shit didnt matta
u come from outta town, i like to show her off
if u aint real she straighten u out, she kno u soft
she taught me how to slang, how to talk
how to carry myself, how to walk
i met other girls like Queeny and Manny,
went to school wit Queeny, partied wit Manny
but still that Brook, always on my mind
another girl like that i could never find
another girl like that i could compare
her style, grace, and smarts so rare
but we had our troubles
as my age doubled
her friends werent as pure
experienced hate and racism, for sure
but never took out anger on Brook
those assholes, no love they took
got a lil older, took her for granted
got a lil swagger, brains more potent
followed my dreams, went to school in philly
realized how much i missed her, yes really
only when i left, did it make me see
made me realize, that Brook is the only girl for me
now how u think i felt when i heard
there’s these dudes who rapin’ her
all her friends have forsaken her
she dont smile like she used to
broken is the joy she cruised to
wrinkles i didnt see before
bruises that were never there
pimps whoring her…
cant recognize her…
and i cant save her…

Another All Nighter…

Finals are just around the corner…
Now for most people that means a lot of studying.
Maybe cramming plus a couple of last papers…
Well I have the heavy burden of studying for finals, writing two final 8+ page papers, and working hells balls in studio for a final presentation in Design. Couple that with Cad/Viz/Photoshop renderings the next week and a half will be a bitch.

But I made a couple of discoveries past few days.
First off I have discovered this:

Holy goodness they put STRAWBERRY CREME IN BETWEEN OREO COOKIES??? ARE THEY TRYING TO GET ME FAT??? They are limited edition and my roommate brought them from home a long time ago. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find them at any place in philly!!!! I was sad. Then one day my roommates and I went to target to buy “Charlie Wilson’s War” on DVD (amazing movie btw) and my roommate thought he saw the special edition Oreos. But alas it was just Oreo “Double Stuffed”. Right then there I uttered the words ‘I will never ever taste those again.’ Then as soon as we turned the corner to the next aisle there they were…. OREO STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE CREME cookies!!!!! I bought 4 packs. I will eat them until I am sick of them.

Also another food discovery. Well actually its beverage related. Dunkin’ Donuts 710 ml extra large coffee with creme no sugar will absolutely make you hyper as a muthafucka. No fuckin’ lie.

And the fact that the coffee actually kept me awake was amazing. Not the fact that I was going without sleep, but because of what I was doing. I had to write a 8 page paper on the 1947 United Nations general Assembly Resolution 181 on the Future Government of Palestine. Yeaaaaaahhhh. Sounds fun doesnt it????? Heres a LINK to the actual document. Its a good read…. cough cough… NOT… cough cough…

And lastly Lyfe Jennings came out with his latest LP yesterday without much fanfare. Its entitled “CHANGE” and even though it does not contain any classic material overall as a composition I do believe it is his strongest album as a whole. I cant stress how much I admire Lyfe Jennings. His music has so much emotion and content while still maintaining his lyrical mastery and overall flow. Most people in the music industry are so fake. Just in it for the money and they all sound the same. Some people have the incredible gift of using music as a medium of communicating emotions that have no strength on just words alone. I will be reviewing his album very soon and please go out and support good music, you will not be disappointed. The coffee I drank combined with listening to his album all night on repeat had writing that paper very much less painful.

the sickest lyricist in the game is not a rapper…
March 14, 2008, 7:25 am
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… its Barack Obama